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Summer Camp 2020

For me, Summer Camp 2020 is a chance for me to not only expand my worlds, but also to challenge myself. On top of the 300 word minimum, I'm trying to make sure that all of the articles I write for SC are more than 600 words long, because if I can get into the habit of writing 600+ words a day now (on top of work and social commitments), then once SC is over I can start properly writing content towards the choose your own adventure story that I'm working on.

The personal word count goal is also helping me to flesh out each article a little bit more. I know they're all works in progress, but the more I fill out now, the easier it will be for me to come back and finish them off later.

I'm also aiming to complete all 33 prompts - although those diamond prompts are definitely going to be challenging! One that I'm looking forward to tackling.

Summer Camp Articles

Thanks to Rynn19 for the BBCode for this!

Prompt 1

Write about a myth or legend relating to a famous, long-lost item.

Where in the Galaxy is Tepka-101?
Myth | Jun 17, 2021

Prompt 2

Describe a valuable historical or ancient artefact in your world.

Forever, My Love
Item | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 3

Describe an important religious leader in your world. How has their character changed the status quo?

Tauro Vi'Bani
Character | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 4

Write about an apex predator in your world. How does it hunt and survive?

Species | Sep 30, 2023

Prompt 5

Describe a condition in your world caused by a drug or medicine.

Light Blindness
Condition | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 6

Decribe an important celestial body or constellation in your world.

The Gladiator
Geographic Location | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 7

Describe a counter-culture in your world, something outside the mainstream culture of the place.

Ethnicity | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 8

Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world.

Whispered Twins
Rank/Title | Aug 27, 2023

Prompt 9

Write about a building that has been reused and repurposed from its original design.

Cerberus House
Building / Landmark | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 10

Describe a commonly found document in your world - what's in it and what is it for?

Sol-Cerberi Concordat
Document | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 11

Describe a common item that is used as a secret symbol in your world.

Cerberus Ravager
Item | Jun 23, 2021

Prompt 12

Describe a vehicle in your world that brings joy wherever it arrives.

The Water's Edge
Vehicle | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 13

Describe how birthdays are celebrated in a particular culture of your world.

Tradition / Ritual | Jun 25, 2021

Prompt 14

Write about a secret code or cypher in your world: who uses it, and for what purpose?

Language | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 15

Describe an elite or highly specialised military unit in your world.

Shields of Yondar
Military Formation | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 16

Write about a material that is considered sacred or culturally crucial in your world.

Wyviira Bone
Material | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 17

Describe a common old wives' tale or consipracy theory from a region of your world. Does it hold any truth?

The Void of Zyn Kallah
Myth | Jul 14, 2020

Prompt 18

Write about the events of a devastating natural disaster in your world, either past or present.

The Summer of Snow
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 19

Describe a location in your world that is brimming with diverse or bizarre flora and fauna.

Geographic Location | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 20

Write about an organization in your world that has become so powerful it's above the law.

Osyr Medical Aid
Organization | Jul 10, 2021

Prompt 21

Describe a profession in your world that has always been, or recently became, illegal.

Vignesian Spy
Profession | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 22

Write about the headquarters of an organization in your world.

Grand Cathedral of the Eternal Flame
Building / Landmark | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 23

Describe a settlement that is famous for a particular resource, product or item created there.

Settlement | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 24

Describe a law enforcing organization within your world and how they operate.

The Osiryx Federation
Organization | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 25

Write about a food-focussed event in your world and describe how it's celebrated.

Festival of Feasts
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 26

Write about a technology from the history of your world - is it lost to the ages, or did it shape the world today?

The Bahr-Heisig Communications System
Technology / Science | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 27

Describe any condition or disease for which a cure has recently been developed.

Thayziere Syndrome
Condition | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 28

Write about the history of a settlement that was almost entirely wiped out and was then rebuilt.

Settlement | Aug 26, 2023

Prompt 29

Write about a species in your world that is bred or farmed for a high-value resource.

Species | Sep 26, 2023

Prompt 30

Write about an unassuming character who secretly controls things from behind the scenes.

Alé’sa Fyvaro
Character | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 31

Describe a material in your world that is used as a source of fuel or power.

Kiberian Salt
Material | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 32

Write about a famous agreement, contract or treaty that shaped the history of your world.

Treatise of Adoriege
Document | Jul 22, 2023

Prompt 33

Describe the events of a conflict that started due to unusual or unforseen circumstances.

The Hykiath Raids
Military Conflict | Sep 26, 2023

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