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Thayziere Syndrome

Thayziere Syndrome is caused through prolonged exposure to Thayziere-X. This includes either a) small bouts of exposure (less than one hour) to Thayziere-X over a period of months or years or b) large, single bouts of exposure (one hour or more). It can remain undetected for years and not all species will show physical signs.

Stage One - Physical Symptoms

First, Thayziere Syndrome manifests in physical changes to an individual’s appearance. Most notably is the effect it has on the eyes. Pupils will appear constantly dilated (this tends to have consequent effects on the sight of the affected individual). Eyes will then become ‘bloodshot’. The blood will also appear to be an unusual colour depending on the species.

  • Dreggan - bloodshot eyes will be bright yellow
  • Terran - bloodshot eyes will be a very dark blue or black
  • Ulmaat - bloodshot eyes will be bright red or pink
  • Zarcant - bloodshot eyes will be pale blue or grey
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Affected Species

Veins will also change from their usual appearance (and which match the colours listed above for each species), especially around the eyes, along the forearms, or around the neck.

Where individuals present with physical symptoms, it usually takes anywhere between three to five months for physical symptoms to develop. After this point, Thayziere Syndrome will move into stage two. An individual in stage two will start to develop mental symptoms. For those who did not show signs of physical symptoms, they enter into stage two of Thayziere Syndrome two to three weeks earlier than those who do show signs of physical symptoms, though doctors and researchers throughout Osiron are currently unsure as to why this occurs.

//--- Incoming transmission ---//
//--- OMA ID: 065-OC-SULN ---//


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Dear sir/ma’am

We have received the results for your screening examination that you underwent three days ago. You have tested positive Thayziere Syndrome. Attached is a leaflet containing all information regarding Thayziere Syndrome including, but not limited to: initial onset, symptoms (physical and mental), progression of Thayziere Syndrome and treatment regimens.

We have taken the initiative and booked you in for a provisional follow up at OMA Facility 17. If you cannot attend on the date specified, please contact us as soon as possible to rearrange your follow up meeting.

Stage Two - Mental Symptoms

During stage two, an affected individual may experience any (or all) of the following mental symptoms:


Affected individuals will believe that something or someone is trying to isolate them and will obsessively hang around others. Trying to dissuade the affected individual from such actions will only further convince them that they are being forced into isolation.

Intense Bouts of Anger

Affected individuals will become quick to anger and for seemingly no reason. This symptom is more prominent when combined with the individual’s growing paranoia - if they believe someone is trying to isolate them they will lash out at that person without hesitation.

Increased Energy Levels

Affected individuals will exude an overabundance of energy throughout the day. This can lead to insomnia if Thayziere Syndrome is left untreated as the individual will be kept awake by their excess energy and a desire to get up and do anything.

Extreme Impatience and Increased Risk Taking

Typically a result of the affected individuals increased energy levels. The need to constantly be doing something will increase their impatience, whilst their increased risk taking is born of a need to satisfy those energy levels. Affected individuals will seek out greater risks because a split second thrill will ease their symptoms slightly.

Treating Thayziere Syndrome

Until UGY 5611, the only way to prevent Thayziere Syndrome was to catch it very early on in stage one. Typically this meant either implementing regular screening for those in Thayziere-X infected areas, or catching it just as an affected individual started to present with bloodshot eyes. After this point, treatment became about easing the symptoms as much as possible. If it got to the stage where affected individuals were experiencing extreme insomnia, it was very likely that Thayziere Syndrome would result in their death.

In UGY 5611 Osyr Medical Aid announced a trial period for long term treatment. They officially approved the treatment in UGY 5617 after a successful trial period. The drug they developed in the trial - iradynoth - became widely available shortly thereafter.

Iradynoth can be used to relieve symptoms at any point during the two stages of Thayziere Syndrome. If it is used early on, an infected individual only needs a short dosage regimen for their treatment (around two or three weeks depending on species). If it is used in stage two, the dosage regimen is longer (around two months depending on species).

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