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A creature that Terrans jokingly refer to as ‘the hydra’. Legless with a body rough, almost prickly, scales. Y’darus have multiple heads protruding from their bodies. Depending on the species, an Y’darus can have anywhere between two and seven heads. Y’darus species with more heads are often longer and thicker than their counterparts.

They come in a variety of different colours. Colour patterns will depend on the species of Y’darus and the environment that they live in. Native to Liluri, most species can be found in the Forests of Il’da’an. Ulmaatan scientists have tried (during the early years of their spacefaring adventures) to relocate several species of Y’darus, but they have been unable to survive any environment outside of Liluri.

Scientific Name
25 - 30 years
Geographic Distribution

Common Species

Calvur (Y’darusii Calvur)

The largest of the Y’darus species, capable of growing up to 15 metres in length. Their scales are uncharacteristically smooth for an Y’darus, but do not let that deceive you. Calvur secrete a toxin through extremely small gaps in between their scales when threatened. Said toxins can incapacitate creatures up to five times their size for days, provided the dosage is strong enough. Calvur have a pale blue belly and dark red scales. They are one of the only Y’darus species to have seven heads.

Vilar (Y’darusii Valirus)

Capable of growing to lengths of 10 metres, the Vilar are on the larger end of the scale for Y’darus. Vilar have five heads. Each head has a pattern below the mouth that is reminiscent of fangs. Those that have extensively studied Vilar are unsure as to the purpose of these ‘fake fangs’; a common theory is that they are there to warn of potential threats by giving the Vilar a more intimidating presence. Vilar have a black belly and their scales are a mixture of white and yellow.

Je’syri (Y’darusii Je’syrien)

The smallest of the Y’darus species, most Je’syri barely grow to a metre in length and each has two heads. Due to their size, a lot of tourists visiting Liluri underestimate just how dangerous the Je’syri can be. Their bite is extremely powerful and carries enough venom to kill creatures ten times their size over the course of a few hours. Je’syri have a pale, greyish belly and their scales are a mixture of dark green with bright red tips. Out of all the Y’darus species, they have the roughest scales, with those who frequently handle Je’syri describing their scales as barbed.

Y’darus Blood and the Drug Trade

//--- Incoming transmission ---//
//--- Saved ID: Lock ---//

Heads up, Hunter. They know you traded off a quarter of the stock last run. Don’t come back to Liluri - they’ve already set up a bounty for your head (dead or alive) and they’ve got patrols waiting for you to dock in the usual spot. You really messed up this time. I’m sending you this message as a favour for saving my life, but we’re square now. Hope the Friin’s offbrand Solar Storm was worth it.

When you remove the potentially harmful substances from Y’darus blood (such as the venom and toxins that so many Y’darus species carry) and synthesize it, it can cause an increase of activity in the central nervous system. In low doses, Y’darus blood can stimulate an increase in focus, vigor, and will elevate an individual’s mood. In higher doses, this stimulative effect is further increased alongside an increase in libido and induce euphoria.

The effects of Y’darus blood are extremely popular amongst Ulmaatan cartels. As the Ulmaat have the largest foothold on Liluri, these cartels are very protective of Y’darus species and it is extremely difficult for outsiders to get close enough to an Y’darus to obtain even the smallest of blood samples.

After a process of trial and error, the Hykiath cartel started producing two variations of a drug containing Y’darus. The first is Comet - a low concentration form that causes a minor increase in focus, vigor and improvement to mood. The second is Solar Storm - a high concentration form that causes the more major effects.

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