17 Fire Fall Moon, 1477 AL

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Ma'rune is a world plagued by war. For every decade, or century, or millenia, there is always someone fighting. From royalty to councils and noblemen. From human to daelin or beastfolk. Conflict is inescapable.

Alliances formed between factions are precarious. They are forged in fire and blood and ended all the same. Kingdom borders grow and wane like the flow of the tide, ever changing.

Some write their legends in the history books as protectors and peacekeepers. They extend a hand in friendship where many would raise a blade in contempt. They create bonds that last lifetimes, they give the people of Ma'rune a chance to truly live rather than face the consequences of another man's war.

But there are those who stain the history books with decades of violence. Tyrants. Those who seek power and influence, money and treasure; who care little for the people of the land. They will not be satisfied until their enemies lie dead at their feet and their nation claims every inch of land and sea there is to own.

Even now, the world persists in its violent ways.

Yondar's king ousted his father and family in order to claim the throne. How many people died that night because a boy was jealous of his sister and was deemed insignificant by his father? Now he allies with Valissa - Yondar's greatest enemy - and the people can only hope that such an alliance never crumbles because it is not true peace. It is merely the calm before a deadly storm.

Vigne faces a threat from politicians hungry for complete control of the kingdom. They oust rival ministers - from blackmail to bribery to outright murder - in order to plant ministers on the council that echo their sentiments.


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