Lucia Avarice

~ 24 Heart Fire Moon, 1452 AL
~ 25 Years Old

It is difficult, to say the least, to go from excelling at your studies and training to be a part of the royal guard, only to spend 10 years running from your past. To know for certainty that your life will follow a set path, only to be knocked into the river and carried downstream, away from your destiny.

For Lucia, life during those 10 years would have been much more difficult had her father not helped her through it. Had she been alone, perhaps she would not be as hopeful about the future, nor would she have been able to move on as easily as she did. Of course, she has yet to move on entirely - still she dreams of fighting against King Percival, sometimes so steeped in revenge that she wakes to the ghost of blood on her hands - but in her waking hours she is calmer and better composed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The only child of Jenna and Trent Avarice, Lucia grew up adored by her parents. She would spend equal amounts of time with each, learning from both them and their peers.

Daytimes were often spent trailing after her mother, begging her to let her begin training so that she may grow up and take her place amongst the royal guard. The other knights would keep sweets and treats for when Lucia would wander into the training grounds, and some would even keep her entertained with grand tales or participating in fake duels if she tried to follow her mother into a serious meeting.

During the evenings, she would make her way down to the kitchens, being taught by her father and the other serving staff how to cook the finest meals, fit for a king.

Of course, as daughter of the Captain of the royal guard and the king's personal chef, she had access to an education worthy of a noble child, though it was difficult for Lucia to stay focused in these lessons. Instead, she would find almost any excuse to leave - and said excuses often came in the form of the princess, Alexandra Greymount. The two were inseparable, causing all sorts of mischief when either decided to skip out on the days lessons.

"You don't understand. It's not that life in the castle was bad, it's just- it's difficult to talk so openly about being the captain's daughter when you never know how many of your enemies are lurking around the corner."

"I get it. We all do, Lucia. We all have our fair share of secrets to keep, but you can trust us, you know that, right? You can tell us anything."

You glance away, back towards the fire. Flashes of another life, echoes of men and women long since gone dancing across your memory.

The guards teaching you how to hold a sword at 8 years old, keeping an eye out for your mother, well aware of her reluctance to see you fight. The cooks, telling you jokes as they test their latest recipes on you, grinning when you smile around a mouthful of food, pleased with the flavour and being included.

Another face, burdened by the weight of a crown that was never placed upon her head, hiding concerns behind a mischievous grin.

"I know, I know!" You reply with an easy smile. " And I would very much like to tell you one day."

On her 10th birthday, her mother informed her that her training to be a royal guard would begin. As a gift, Lucia, Jenna, and Trent were all present when Lucia received her Blessing of Van-Hael. Her mother was actually still nervous about the whole thing, but Trent convinced her to allow Lucia the chance to train, saying she would find a way to do so sooner or later anyway. As time passed, Jenna' worries eased, and Lucia proved to be just as prodigal as her mother was.

When King Ronan told Alexandra that she was to be the heir instead of her brother, Jenna informed Lucia that she would likely have her Sovereign be Alexandra when she was ready to undergo her Rite. This delighted Lucia initially - the two had always been together, so it was only a natural conclusion - but in time she would take note of the King's thinly veiled disapproval and the Prince's jealousy.

During the Sunfire Festival in 1467 AL, Lucia would learn the reason behind Percival's jealousy, even if it didnt click into place at the time. She would escape the castle with her father during the coup, leaving her mother behind to face the prince, never to see her again.

Presented Sex
Bright green
Dirty blonde, cut short for practicality
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Jenna Avarice - Mother
Trent Avarice - Father

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