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The capital of Yondar. Home to the Greymounts, the regions' current monarchs, a number of high profile guilds, and no end of lords and ladies living glamorous lifestyles. The city also does well to remember its roots. Many of the farmers tending the fields surrounding the city are descended from those who originally settled in Tiraven back in 941 LF. Commoners living within the city walls proudly display their heritage.

From a small town to a lively city, Tiraven has undoubtedly grown under a solid and unwavering leadership. The city has had its hardships, as has its people, but throughout the years they have endured every disaster and have rebuilt their city stronger and larger each time.

Founded in 941 LF, Tiraven is a city rich with history. Before its large and looming stone walls were constructed, Tiraven was a humble town with a population of no more than 1500 and was often used as a resting place for wary travellers. Now, of course, Tiraven stands as Yondar's capital, and has done since the royal family (back then they held the 'Denholm' family name) were forced to relocate in 466 LF.

Davin Beckwith,
Scholar of the Moonglow Archivists


As expected of a human settlement, the city of Tiraven is made up of a majority of them. In comparison, around 3% of its populace are Beastfolk, and less than 1% of its populace is Daelin.

  • Humans - most are Yondarish, or they have a cross heritage of Yondarish and one of the other ethnicities (commonly Tennithian and ‘Garan, as Yondar’s neighbouring kingdoms). The size of Tiraven’s guild quarter has formed a great deal of variety in various guild members and adventures. Despite being another close neighbour, there are very few Valissans wandering around Tiraven (although this has increased slightly over the last 3 years alongside King Percival Greymount’s rise to power).
  • Beastfolk - for the beastfolk, their largest demographic in Tiraven is that of the kitra-kryn. This is due to the presence of the Svaardin Fairn, who have close ties with Yondar’s royal family. The beastfolk populace here is also made up of a good number of ox-kryn - around 37% of them - and you may see a handful of fenarl-kryn make their homes in the city.
  • Daelin - as there are no nearby Courts, most daelin that make their homes in Tiraven are either running or hiding from their past, or they have been brought up outside of the Courts altogether. Most daelin you see in the city will travellers, unlikely to stay for more than a few days.


A map of Yondar's capital, including each of the city districts

Eastern Ward

Surrounding the north east gate into the city is the Eastern Ward. The ward has buildings both inside and outside of the city walls. It is mainly a residential area for the lower classes, but there are a number of taverns and inns scattered throughout the ward. There are also a few shops, all of which sit within the comfort of the city walls.

Emerald Quarter

In the south of the city, within the confines of the city walls, is the Emerald Quarter. A residential area for TIraven's middle class, this quarter is mostly made up of homes. There are a number of shops along the main street and a handful of taverns, but there are no inns in this Quarter. It is named after the lush greenery of Rosebloom Park.

Guild Quarter

Inside the city walls, just beyond the eastern gate, lies the Guild Quarter. The streets here are packed to the brim with great halls and communal lodgings, all of varying shapes and sizes, where the guilds of Tiraven can gather to rest their heads or share information. As of the last survey, there were around 130 guild owned buildings in this quarter. Although the number of guild owned buildings is higher than the actual number of registered guilds in Tiraven, which currently stands at 78.

The great halls and communal lodgings vary from being middle class establishments, to looking like higher end establishments. Though none can quite boast the same grandiose shine of the houses in the Marble Quarter or the Silverstone Quarter.

For those who are visiting the Guild Quarter, there are some inns dotted throughout the quarter where they can rest up if they don’t have permission to stay within a guild’s communal lodgings. The inns are all dedicated to providing a comfy and amicable stay, so to that end they serve little to no alcohol. Not that residents of the Guild Quarter need to look too far for a drink as most drinking will be done within the confines of the guild halls themselves.

There is also a cluster of shops towards the centre of the Guild Quarter. For the most part, these shops sell equipment best suited to the guilds around them and are often commissioned by the guilds to create items en masse. Within this cluster of shops, there are some arcanists who will happily enchant equipment and items for a hefty price. Because of the sheer amount of coin they earn, the shops here are more extravagant than anywhere else in the city and seem out of place alongside the guild halls. For many travellers, when they reach these shops for the first time they often mistake themselves for having stepped into the Marble Quarter.

Ser Amaro,

Are you quite certain you wish to settle within Tiraven’s Guild Quarter? Though I understand the appeal - the location is central to Yondar, which would suit our hunting needs quite well, and from the tales I have heard business is always booming there - I am wary of the underlying reputation we may inadvertently receive upon settling.

You are aware, surely, that the Guild Quarter is often referred to as a ‘frivolous, pompous display of nought but wealth and the arrogance of men with more money than sense’ by our peers? We are a fine guild - nay, a great guild, unmatched in skill and strength - but even our reputation will take a blow. How the people perceive us has always been our driving force.

An unsigned letter from a member of the Jade Forge,
sent to the Jade Forge guild master

Marble Quarter

In the center of the city lies the Marble Quarter. A place for the higher class residents, filled with noble lords and ladies and a variety of shops that sell expensive luxury items. There are a few inns, but rooms here go at an extremely high price, and a couple of taverns with very pricey wines.

Shadow Walk

Along the outside of the eastern wall is the Shadow Walk. Here, there are barracks and training grounds for the knights. On the border between the Shadow Walk and the Eastern Ward lies the Eastern Watchtower; a tall structure that allows the knights to survey the land to the east of Tiraven and keep a lookout for any potential threats.

Silverstone Quarter

In the eastern limits of the city is the Silverstone Quarter. Named for the stone pathways, light grey in colour, the glisten in the sunlight. Within this quarter are the homes of high class citizens and the grand structure of Castle Tirav. Heavily guarded, you are unlikely to found a street without a group of Yondar's finest knights patrolling the area.

Southern Ward

To the south of the city lies the Southern Ward. Around two thirds of the area is outside of the city walls, whilst a third sits safely within them. Like the Eastern Ward, this ward is mainly a residential area for the lower classes, with a few shops and taverns scattered around the area. There are no inns for travellers to stay at in the Southern Ward due to its close proximity to the Traveller's Rest area. The Southern Ward is also home to the South Watch Tower - another post for the knights where they can keep an eye on the surrounding land.

The Silver Valley

Around the outside of the city walls in the north and north west is the Silver Valley. It is the largest of any of the areas in Tiraven, constantly bustling with life. Filled with homes of both the lower and middle classes, as well as inns and taverns, those in the Silver Valley have created a stong sense of community. It may seem strange to some of the upper class or other middle classes citizens who live within the city walls that members of a middle class society would choose to live outside of the safety of the city walls, but those that live in the Silver Valley would take the atmosphere and sense of community of that extra safety any day. A lot of them are also traders, so living in the Silver Valley gives them easy access to both their shops in the Trader's Forum and a quick exit should they wish to travel with their goods. The Silvery Valley is also home to the North Watch Tower which helps to ease the minds of the people living their by providing them with a little bit more security.

Trader's Forum

The Trader's Forum is in the north of the city, safely within the city walls. Most of the buildings here are storefronts and warehouses, though there are a few homes that some of the traders live in. There are also a handful of inns to provide a place of rest to any travelling traders. In the north east of the Trader's Forum is Trader's Square. Although not actually square in shape (and it hasn't been since the city walls were built), the square has kept it's original name. This is where markets are held. During festivals, the square is decorated and the market stalls are replaced with games and activities for both adults and children.

Traveller's Rest

South of the city, outside of its walls, is Traveller's Rest. There are a handful of houses here for the farmers that own the surrounding farm land, but most of the buildings are inns. It is an ideal place for travellers that do not want to deal with the loud, bustling streets of Tiraven.

Whisper Ward

Southeast of the city is the Whisper Ward. A quiet, small community, the Whisper Ward is made up of farm houses and buildings. There is only one tavern in this ward and is normally only used by the locals since it is not central to the city itself.

Founding Date
941 LF
Approx. 25000
Related Tradition (Primary)

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