Ronan Greymount

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~ 29 Blooming Moon, 1424 AL
~ 53 Years Old

The stoic, calculated King of Yondar. Crowned a king at 17 years old after the untimely death of his father. Many people - advisors, lords and ladies of surrounding lands, people who Ronan had considered friends - wondered whether a the quick to anger boy that Ronan used to be could ever rule over the kingdom. Ronan proved them all wrong. Where people expected anger, Ronan learnt patience, where they expected arrogance, he showed them intelligent reasoning.

It is a wonder, then, how King Ronan could have possible overlooked his eldest son as heir to the throne. It is even more a wonder how he managed to miss his son's growing resentment, to the point where Percival would forcefully and successfully take the throne with little to no resistance.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

After all these years, you had forgotten just how imposing King Ronan looked. There may be wrinkles around his eyes now and grey flecks outnumbering the brown hair atop his head, but neither of those things deter from his image.

He still stands tall. Back straight, chin up, looking down on the world with cold and calculating eyes - an unnerving dark grey in comparison to Alex's softer grey eyes.

He's still built to fight. A wall of muscle underneath leather hide and steel armour.

Then there's the scowl, permanently etched on his face. A warning to those who don't know him - stay away or face my blade - and a matter of disaproval or scrutiny to those who do know him. 10 years ago, back in Tiraven, you had been on the receiving end of that scowl too many times to count.



Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Yondar
Dark grey
Dark brown and greying, short, well kept

Garren Greymount - Father
Jennifer Greymount - Mother
Anders Greymount - Uncle
Eleanor Dunbar - Aunt
Elise Greymount - Wife
Percival Greymount - Son
Alexandra Greymount - Daughter

Yondar - Royal Family Lineage

Yondar Royal Family Tree.png

Lineage of Yondar's Royal Family by SunlanceXIII

Cover image: Characters Banner Blue by SunlanceXIII


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