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Jargee Nevenka

Jargee Nevenka

Music should be free to express whatever the artist wants, not held back by an evil philosophy that denies basic human freedoms. The Federation is the biggest threat to humanity, and if my songs help fight back, then I will do all I can!
  Jargee Nevenka was a member of the Leader Caste on Judukto, an Orbital in the Teplipor system, a core system of the Federation of Xah. Originally part of the Entertainment Division, a sub-section of the Morale and Social Department (MSD), she was one of their most popular live entertainers, putting on performances, not only for the population of Judukto, but the wider Teplipor system as well. The popularity of her performances meant they were also broadcast across the Federation, and even used in propaganda broadcasts on Northup Alliance networks.   Currently, she is better known for being one of the most high profile defectors from the Federation of Xah, and now uses her talents to decry and denounce the Xahians, using her musical talents to write songs to subvert the The Sevenfold Path whenever she can.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Thanks to her upbringing in the Federation of Xah, Jargee is in perfect physical health, free of any known genetic disadvantages and protected against all known pathogenic ailments by the Xahian-developed Panacea vaccine, a technology forbidden in the Northup Alliance. Whilst in the Federation, Jargee's diet was carefully controlled, like all citizens, but now she is exposed to the dietary freedoms outside of Xah, it remains to be seen if she continues.   In appearance terms, she is similar to almost all Xahians; light olive skin, dark hair and eyes with a slight epicanthic fold, and taller than the average non-Xahian. Since her defection to the Northup Alliance, she has let her previously short hair grow out, and has started wearing jewelry and piercings (cultural anomalies in the stricter Federation of Xah).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early life

  Jargee was born in Unu, a secondary system of the Federation of Xah, and the fourth world orbiting the main star, an Earth-like world called Dedorm. Her ʧudɔr, or 'sibling batch', consisted of almost ten thousand others, competing to be one of the limited numbers allowed into their birth caste. Given the name Jargee by her birth Mother, she showed early promise, with high charisma and empathy scores, but as she got older, her anti-authoritarian streak cost her valuable points in her placements, only just making the grade at age 4 and 10. After the second round of testing, she was taken from the mainstream education of her ʧudɔr, and placed into specialised training, where her unique set of talents could be put to better use; entertainment.   It was realised early on that Jargee had strong vocal talents, and matched with her charisma and rebellious streak, she was groomed to become a singer, as part of the Leader Caste's entertainment division. Dedorm had a high number of such individuals already, so she was transferred to the neighbouring system of Teplipor, away from her childhood companions. The transition was difficult for her; the ʧudɔr of other potential entertainers in Teplipor had been together since birth, and she was coming in as an outsider. The ostracisation worked to encourage her own burgeoning writing talents, and for their assesments at age 16, Jargee passed with flying colours, taking the personal name of Nevenka.  

Profession beginnings

  For the next five years, she progressed through specialised training, learning the skills of song-writing and composition, releasing a number of pieces to widespread acclaim. An important part of her training was the careful balance the Leader caste maintained between appearing to be new and counter-culture, and adhering to the The Sevenfold Path. It rackled Jargee's own rebellious streak, but it provided a strong outlet for her frustrations and barely a year later she was one of the Leader Caste's most prominent entertainers, her music widely regarded as some of the best currently on offer. Her talent was showcased across the Federation, and was used to show other factions, most notably the Northup Alliance, that creativity and artistic works was valued by Xah.   Despite being allowed a significant amount of creative freedom, the need to remain inside Sevenfold Path requirements, and the constant censorship by the demands of other parts of the Leader caste, meant that Jargee grew increasingly frustrated. Works released not long before her defection, examined in hindsight, show clear signs of her dissatisfaction with her position, but she was careful enough to remain within assigned boundaries. Her nominal rank in Xah's rigid social stratification was that of a lower-second, or nʌmɛma; someone of her talents should rank higher, at least an upper-third, but her attitude was always going to hold her back.  
In 1606 Jargee embarked on a tour of the local systems; an event put on by the Leader caste to raise the profile of a number of its new talents. Jargee was the headline act, visiting eight star systems, across a distance of 20 lightyears. The event was a resounding success, with monitoring suggesting that dissent was down and morale was up in every location visited by the tour. Jargee used this to propose something new, something never tried before; a tour of Northup Alliance systems. Her superiors initially dismissed the idea, but Jargee persisted, using data to show that her music was popular in the Alliance, and this reprented an ideal opportunity to spread their own propaganda into the Alliance, and eventually approval was given, although authorisation came from the highest levels in Xah.  


  Negotiations between the Federation of Xah and the Northup Alliance for the tour was complicated and protracted. The Alliance didn't trust Xah, and saw the tour for what it was; soft power propaganda, but knew that Jargee was popular and refusing to allow her to tour would encourage the Xahians to portray themselves as the offended party. The Federation already restricted exposure to too much outside influence, and as such the news about the tour would have to be carefully managed, which largely lost the point of showcasing across Xah that even the Alliance acknowledged their pop culture as better.   The tour began in 1607, in the Alliance core system of Imieems Sector 6222, or Avaris, an Alliance world with fewer democratic leanings, chosen for its more easily controlled media outlets. The Topopolis of Tanis (population 8.6 trillion) was the first location, in a specially constructed outdoor concert venue. Accompanying Jargee was a large entourage; not only her superiors and handlers, but a reasonably substantial Warrior Protector retinue.  
Over 100,000 people were expected to watch the concert in person, with billions watching it via live feeds on Tanis' internet. About a third of the way through, just as Jargee began one of her more popular songs, the crowd surged forwards and she launched herself into the masses with a cry of "hide me!". Panic erupted in the Xahian ranks, and Protectors stormed into the crowd, the 2.5 meter tall Warriors pushing people aside. It was to no avail; the crowd was full of those who had taken the opportunity to dress like their favourite star, and Jargee had vanished. The Xahians demanded the stadium be locked down, but with crowd now in a full panic, and already streaming out of the venue, Alliance officials felt that it would do nothing but endanger the public.    


The event was a propanda coup for the Alliance, who siezed on the opportunity immediately, broadcasting Jargee's escape across the nation. Jargee herself emerged a few days later, formally requesting political asylum for herself, and denoucing the Federation as evil and controlling. News of her defection did not spread far within Xah itself; the official line is that Jargee was killed by fanatics in the crowd during an poorly thought out stage dive, and the Alliance are using a body double to claim she defected. Diplomatically, away from the Xahian public, the Federation accused the Alliance of kidnapping her, and has continued to demand her release, something that the Alliance denies.   Since her defection, Jargee has continued to put out new works, her release from the strictures of Xahian censorship has meant her pieces are considered more 'true' to herself, but a number of critics argue that without the need to work around the strong restrictions placed on her, the quality of her work has suffered, and it lacks a core facet of what made her art so unique. She has escaped assassination attempts by the Mɛnʌlɔkʌtɛ three times now, as Xahian Leaders attempt to silence her, but she vows to continue to write music that describes how flawed the The Sevenfold Path is.  


Like all members of non-Worker castes within the Federation of Xah, Jargee is highly educated, with highly advanced training in her allocated profession. Early Leader training focuses on basic psychology, logistics, and management techniques, with Jargee having received more detailed education in song writing, musical theory, performance arts, and even aspects such as mass psychology and the use of propaganda in popular culture.   Only the best and the brightest get to graduate into their caste of birth, and Jargee is no exception, being considered one of the best Xah had to offer. The loss of her gene code is one of the biggest issues from her defection.  

Personality Characteristics


From her earliest years, Jargee's exceptional talent has been accompanied by a strong anti-authoritarian streak that despite much work by Leader psychologists, led to her defection. Her desire to fight against the authorities, whoever they might be at the time, is key to her psyche and fuels almost everything she does. Whilst in the Federation of Xah, this was exercised in her music and singing, being able to work in rebellious lyrics and themes under the noses of the censors. Now she is in the more relatively free Northup Alliance, she is struggling to find motivation, and the freedoms on offer have quickly lost their lustre.

Vices & Personality flaws

Arrogant and convinced of her own talents and abilities, Jargee considers herself a cut above the regular person. Not an uncommon trait in successful Xahians, but since her defection to the Northup Alliance and being surrounded by those brought up naturally, the trait has become far more prominent. Whilst she might decry the system that created her, she still believes that it produces the finest humanity has to offer in terms of ability, and is not quiet in that belief. Her pedigree is impeccable, her training and education second to none, and everyone else around her are just base amateurs.   This attitude is rapidly grating on Jargee's handlers, and does little to ingratiate her with her fans, who regularly report that she comes across as aloof and condecending. Still new to the concept of sales driven artistry, Jargree cares little for those she sees as little more than the lowly Worker caste, happy to belittle and ignore those she seems beneath her.
Current Status
Political Exile
Year of Birth
10040 XC 23 Years old
Dark brown
Short black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
180 cm
68 kg
Aligned Organization

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Jan 22, 2022 11:00

Great read. The history of how her life in Xah was and how it eventually developed into her defecting was fun to read. Also quite interesting how she even though she wanted to go away still thinks she is better than alliance people.

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Feb 3, 2022 19:11 by Laurabones

This is a wonderful well rounded character. I like how you've considered how the change in her circumstances affected her music. The personality section was my favourite, very well written!

Feb 5, 2022 12:38 by Bart Weergang

Well worked out article! From the way the society of Xah is set up and how that influenced her as to how it changed her when she got out. (btw you might want to credit your images, even if they are your own)

Feb 8, 2022 07:52 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Great article! This was a fascinating story and very interesting world. I really like that in the end, Jargee still considered the system that educated her better and that she is just bothered by the censorship!   Did she stay in contact with her family and friends when she was forced to leave her home planet? What do they all think of her defection/assassination?

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Feb 8, 2022 08:24

Thanks for the read and comment! Much appreciated!   Xahians don't really have 'family' in the same way that you or I might envisage; they do have companions from their childhood, but Jargee was separated from them all quite early on. Whilst most people do have friends, Jargee has very few she would consider so, mainly because of her status. Everyone who knew her personally back in Xah was told she died, and just used the information to reinforce their beliefs that the Northup Alliance is a Bad Place.

Feb 9, 2022 10:23 by Michael Chandra

"Let's both surpress this rebellious personality and give her opportunity to get more frustrated with us, that should work out fine."   Enter shocked Pikachu faces.

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Feb 17, 2022 23:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

What an interesting character. I like how you got across a lot about the culture and traditions of Xah in the article, as well about Jargee's past and how she came to defect. It's interesting that she still sees herself as better. I'm sure that will come to a head at some point.

Feb 18, 2022 13:50

The setup and payoff with the stagedive to slip away from her overlords was absolutely brilliant. The writing introduces the relevant concepts flawlessly and it was easy to follow for the entire length of the article; a great achievement considering all the politics involved! I love how she still bears the marks of her upbringing, not being able to shed the entitlement she was raised with. It looks to me like she enjoyed fighting against the system more than the freedom she has now. "Beware of having your wishes fulfilled" is definitely the case here. I'm predicting she will get herself killed sooner or later, unfortunately. She's a tragic figure; she doesn't seem to be able to live without the system that she fights. I can't wait to see how her story will end.

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Feb 18, 2022 19:34

I really like how you've described Jargee's difficulty in adjusting to life in the Northup Alliance and how her music has suffered.

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Feb 19, 2022 16:45

Quick edit note (i know its the last minute) but in the physical condition section "...but now she is exposed to the dietary freedoms outside of Xah, it remains to be seen if she continues." I would potentially add something like "to eat healthy" on the end, as right now what she continues isn't specified.   It also seems like a lot of things happen between her first tour and the one in the alliance for them to only be a year apart. (8 system tour, convincing her bosses to let her do the next tour, then complicated and protracted negotiations)   But overall, you did a great job. It was a good read and you really brought the character to life.

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