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Leader Caste

The Leader caste provides the oil in the great Xahian social machine. Diplomats, managers, administration and government; the leaders permeate all castes and all levels, providing guidance and management to all the other castes. Advised by the best, the leaders ultimately have the final say, and reap the consequences should they decide wrong. Right at the top, a council of all the caste leaders advise a triumvirate of Xahian Leaders who guide and control all of Xah.  


In outward appearances, the Leader caste is as close to original human as Xahian geneticists can get, and much work is spent on ensuring that members of this caste are considered pleasant to look at, physically perfect and carry as many likeable traits as possible. Variations in skin tone, eye and hair colour, and height are all permissible, to better empathise with whichever group the Leader is assigned. Away from physical appearances, Leaders have above-average cogitative skills and are selected for their considerable charismatic nature and preference for diplomacy and negotiation rather than threats, although for certain liaison roles within the Warrior caste, a moderate level of aggression is required.   As with all castes, members of the Leader caste are sterile through design, and reproduction is considered a role of the geneticists of the Technical Caste and the Mothers. For a Leader to be considered for contribution to future generations, they typically have to be considered exceptional at their work; such as rising to become an accomplished manager of work and people, a skilled negotiator, or offering insightful political leadership.

Scientific Name: Homo Sapien Princeps
Lifespan: 100 years
Average Height: 1.6 to 2.0 meters
Encompassed species
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