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The Federation of Xah is a gigantic organisation, encompassing over 16 million star systems, spread over thousands of light years, and overseeing countless individuals. Whilst most star systems, habitats, planets, and even ships are self-sufficient, thanks to the endless efforts of the Farmer caste, there is a still a need to transfer goods and people across the nation, especially where combat operations are concerned. The Leader Caste has responsibility for this role, as part of its Logistics Division, and the work is conducted by an organisation known as Jɔpɛɲɔrit. Ships and specialists from Jɔpɛɲɔrit can be found across Xah, coordinating deliveries, managing supplies, and ensuring that products, services and people get to where they're needed. Vessels from Jɔpɛɲɔrit are even found in non-Xahian systems, in the rare instances where trade with outside factions is unavoidable.   With a reputation for an almost prophetic-like ability to predict future need, only the most skilled logicistians are employed by Jɔpɛɲɔrit, and they are frequently found seconded to Warrior Caste formations, providing expertise in strategic planning.


Like all organisations within the Federation of Xah, Jɔpɛɲɔrit has a strict hierarchy. The leader holds the rank of ɟʌmɛbi, or 'Upper Nine' and holds a place on the leadership council of the Leader Caste. Local system level operations are handled by a mɛʧe, who is responsible for ensuring that the system has what it needs, and liaises with mɛʧe in other systems to coordinate transfer of goods and people. Under the mɛʧe, the organisation splits into three divisions; Planning and Logistics, Freight, and Storage. There is also a Federation-wide sub-section that seconds members to other castes, particularly the Warrior caste.  
Planning and Logisitics
The Division responsible for the actual planning of need, future need, and trends based on events. P&L Leaders have considerable authority within a system, able to command other castes to increase or decrease production based on their predictions. They are also responsible for ensuring that the vessels of Freight are in the right place and going to the right destintions.  
With the largest fleet of ships in Known Space outside of factional navies, the Freight division is the workhorse of the Federation of Xah, shipping goods and people across the nation. Freight also has a large number of members from outside the Leader caste, particularly Engineers for maintenance and repair of vessels whilst in transit, and Warriors, to defend the vessel and the goods it carries.  
Perhaps the least glamorous of the three divisions, Storage are responsible for ensuring that production excesses able to be stored are done so in an appropriate manner, and in the right place. They also distribute goods to their required final destination, once delivered by Freight division. Members of Storage have a reputation for being humourless and miserly, but also for knowing exactly what is where when needed.

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