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Orbitals are large rotating artificial habitats, similar to Ringworld, but where a ring encircles an entire star, orbitals have a much smaller diameter, usually in the region of one to ten million kilometers, and sit in their own stellar orbits like other planetary bodies. They are a common construction in star systems, especially ones without naturally habitable planets, as they provide far more living space than a generic space station, and are more stable. Whilst the inner surface of an orbital is often designed to be Earth-like, industrial versions are possible.  

Example Orbital

  Tunyricng.1 is an orbital in a K0 star system owned by the Federation of Xah, and provides more attractive living conditions than the main habitation in the system; the industrial shellworld of Tunyricng.4. The majority of the Worker caste population live on the shellworld, with the other castes residing on the orbital.  
World Classification: Orbital
Star Classification: Any
Max. Population None
System Icon:

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