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Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge and Future Goals

Α culture who lives by, near or within an ocean, desert or other expanse


by NakedGreyhound
I really enjoyed the writing about the farming. I will be talking about various industry practices the culture might have the next time I write about a culture/ethnicity. I feel that I tend to miss some semi-important but minor impacts with culture/ethnicity articles.
Ethnicity | Jul 9, 2022


by Brandael
This article really sells the fact that I need more art and quotes in my articles. I have art that I have personally bought and had commissioned for my world. I tend to write articles that don’t pertain to those wonderful pieces of art. I need to buckle down and work on those. This article has quotes. I just started to use quotes this summer camp but want to use more.
Ethnicity | Jul 19, 2022


by Hiisikuningas
This article made me feel at home. I tend to write a lot about the history and lore behind an article. One of my goals is to make sure my history flows cohesively together from article to article. I need to start breaking up history chunks in appropriate time. The article has that of this is the Knavefolk today. So I feel I need to incorporate that somehow in my articles more in the future. The other thing I saw that was really cool is the quote box zoomed in I need to figure that out.
Ethnicity | Jul 8, 2022

A religion or organization connected to a natural phenomenon.


by SailingOcelot
This article made me happy. Then got me thinking I need some organizations in my world that are just about the chill of life. Looking at what nature has to tell them. I have some organizations on a continent that I haven't written about yet that will do Shaministic-style rituals. If you have some insight for me, send it my way.
Organization | Jul 10, 2022

Apostles of the Fell Flame

by Sai_
I really liked how this article expanded on the leadership of the article as well. I personally am going back to school for my MBA in Leadership and Managerial Skills. I hope to express new found leadership dynamics into my organizations and religious factions more going forward.
Apostles of the Fell Flame
Organization | Jul 12, 2022


by Ecnemalas
This article really showed me that I need to use the unexpected groups of people as reporters of things in the happenings going on. I feel like all the quests and events I give my players are all from political leaders or people in power. I should give them reports from the local Chimneysweeps sometimes. Be prepared for the first edition of Chimney Recaps.
Organization | Jul 31, 2022

A technology lost, forgotten or shrouded in mystery.

LDC Network

by ChylNZ7
That’s it. Time to write about my sending bag for business owners. I reference it game and only have a stub article posted of 62 words. This is my goal now because of reading LDC Network.
LDC network
Technology / Science | Jul 27, 2022

Magic Fabric

by BasicDragon
This article really makes me want to start writing about the magical fabric in my world. I came up with some stuff on a notebook years ago but haven’t incorporated it. As it is hard to implement it in my game currently but I have been processing more and more crafting rules so maybe someday I will get them written down.
Magic fabric
Technology / Science | Jul 22, 2022

Ebbant Stones

by NicOfTheRocks
I love how these stones relay information on where the magic lies in their world. I have multiple methods of how and where magic comes from in my world, and this gave me some ideas of how I want to incorporate my Sunwell and Moonwells going forward. I asked the author of this article what their thoughts are regarding that thought.
Ebbant Stones
Technology / Science | Jul 22, 2022

Look to the future!

I want to work on a few things down the road. There is my other continents way of using magic. I want to get some more lore written on those areas before I go and run campaigns on them. My current campaign might end some time this year and will need to start working on other areas of my world. I feel the Contienent of Renstrom has had way to much love. It is time for a new zone to be developed. I have been blizkreging seed articles with names of organizations with one to two sentences describing them. These have been natural law articles, organizations in medical fields as well as other stubs. There are also many articles that need to get finished. I want to finish my artist showcast article and blast that out to the community. I have had some positive feed back regarding it when I was initially working on it previously. Also one of my most abisious goals is to do the prompts from the previous summer camps that I didn’t do previously. I want to say I have done them even if I don’t get a badge. Maybe there is a time to get a badge for it. There is times in November but I am going to back to school so that might be a bit of a challenge.  
In quoting my favorite author D.J. McHale Hobey-Ho Lets Go.

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