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Tidewatching is a spiritual religion connected to The Mid-Summer Sea, and is based on the concept of seeking and interpreting divine ideas and thoughts from a living Gaia, through observing the sea's unique phenomenon, the Variegation Tides.   Those who practice the religion are called a Tidewatcher. The religion is practised across islands, but followers may be commonly found on Suwa-Isuaihovwenaparvu - The Village of the Isle of Love, Hope and New Beginnings, Suwa-Nawelo (The Village of The Known Outlook Post), and Suwa-Isukyhava - The Village of the Isle of Drupe Fruit.   The Variegation Tides are most prominent on Suwa-Isuaihovwenaparvu.


Following the common culture of the Southern Islanders, there is little organisation or structure with Tidewatching. It is not frowned upon to discuss different interpretations, or disagree with others, but it is appreciated if one listens to others and considers their words carefully before giving their own opinion.   Interpreters are members of Tidewatchers, whose are recognised and respected for their interpretations of the tides, as messages from Gaia. They may have earned their title through Tidegatherings, where Tidewatchers gather to discuss their interpretations. While some may still disagree with an Interpreter, their opinion has stronger weight among Tidwatching followers.

are members who believe they see the waves in their dreams, and hence have built a stronger connection to the sea and Gaia themself. Dreamers believe they must represent the community as purely and carefully as possible, that they may have an important role on the island. That important role, may be an indirect one, connected to the ladder building culture of Southern Islanders. A dreamer may in fact be more quieter than others, more gentle in their way, listening and watching for further guidance, and looking for ways to help followers and non-followers. They are people who dedicate themselves fully to the stewardship of the world and its nature, due to spiritual inspiration and spiritual empowerment.

are members who actively celebrate the wonders of the tides and the messages that are received, and may also dance in order to send a message back to Gaia. They may dance alone along the shore for personal celebration or messages, or they may dance in groups with joint celebration, or a unified message. Dancers may also organise various religious and non-religious events for the wellbeing of others and for celebration, including Alura events made with Fish Dye - Swaankoler. They are most likely to be leaders in organising festivals.

Listeners are members who prefer to listen to the music of the sea. They are well regarded as people who are patient, and are highly observant to be able to detect contrasting sounds on a busy sea shore. The role of a listener is particularly welcome to those who are blind or partially sighted. The Tidewatching community believe that it is not just the appearance of the waves that are colourful, but the sound and touch of them too are unlike any other sea, and part of a special message.

Responders are members who actively work on recognised interpretations that are mostly agreed upon in the community. They are active people, brave people, and seek to protect all of the islands, the people, and Gaia themself. If there appears to be a sign sent from Gaia through the waves of a need for action, responders are members who volunteer to help.
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Aug 5, 2022 04:57 by DM SIr Swank99

This article made me happy. Then got me thinking I need some organizations in my world that are just about the chill of life. Looking at what nature has to tell them. I have some organizations on a continent that I haven't written about yet that will do Shaministic-style rituals. If you have some insight for me, send it my way.

Aug 5, 2022 08:53 by Sailing Ocelot

Hi Sir S***99, Thank you very much for your comment! I'm glad you like the chill vibes from this culture :)   Hmm... For Shaministic-style rituals, I would consider taking a magnifying glass on the local area and thinking about what may inspire them. Could it be the relentless hardworking insect which pollinates flowers or does mundane labour for the colony? Could it be a sacred tree, or a unique living thing that is in a bizarre location that holds a few myths? Could it be a certain technology found from an ancient civilization, or an advanced neighbouring civilization?   I would consider trying to make the rituals an echo of society. So, if there are many people in your society that agree with and follow these rituals, how do they link to your social structure, and your people's way of living? And if these rituals are not approved... Why not? How do they go against their norms and values of the majority in society?   For chill of life ideas, what kind of chill would you like? A chill towards heavy work, or violence? A relaxed way of education, or raising children? How do they feel about childhood? How do they feel about responsibilities? What about outsiders? And what inspired them to feel like this?   I hope these ideas helped. Thank you very much for your comment, its great to receive feedback.   All the best, Sailing Ocelot

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