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The Mid-Summer Sea

[A disgruntled patron gives Shui Ling a cold look and mutters to their friend.]   "The Southern Isle folk are all the same."   [Shui Ling launches from their seat and dances towards the table.]   "What? You mean incredibly warm, kind and generous like The Mid-Summer Sea? Oh I do suppose you're right! Wow, you must know a lot about our culture. In fact, even if one is born from a different island in the Southern Isle, we all believe we're part of a big family, despite our different beliefs and cultures. Isn't that incredible? A lot of people don't know that. How educated you must be, to know so much! Hey, Chen-Chen, this person here is an expert on The Southern Isles!"   [The patrons leave and abandon their drinks. Lo Chen takes them for himself. Again.]
    The Mid-Summer Sea is a vast sea that covers the majority of the Southern Isles archipelago. It is a sacred sea for many cultures scattered across the islands, who not only depend on the sea for their survival, but also become inspired by its unique beauty that cannot be found anywhere else on Gaia.   The most outstanding feature of the Mid-Summer Sea are the Variegation Tides, which are tides that hold intriguing spectrums of colour within. The tides are most profound by the Isle of Love, Hope and New Beginnings (Isuaihovwenaparvu), whose culture and beliefs are radically tied to colours. Tidewatchers may pilgrimage to the island to interpret the beautiful spectacle as spiritual messages.   Furthermore, the Mid-Summer Sea is said to be the kindest sea of all of Gaia, as throughout recorded history there have been considerably less shipwrecks and accidents on its waters. Much of the fauna by the sea are tame or docile, and the water itself is warm and soft.   However, by Isuaihovwenaparvu, there is a colossal shipwreck (an ISAAC ) impaled on one of the sacred Rainbow Mountains. While other Southern Isle folk from other islands suggest the sea was angry with the Old Ones, the local inhabitants believe that the owners of the ship simply wished to end their old ways and crashed the ship on purpose so that they may truly have a new beginning.


The Mid-Summer Sea expands across most of the Southern Isle archipelago with the exception of a few isles, which are nicknamed 'The Cold Ones'. Sailors describe the water holding a lot of 'friction and buoyancy', which may make it difficult to sail through but not dangerously so. Some of the sea by island can be fairly shallow, and it may be possible to see all kinds of fish swimming on the soft bed of sand below.   Variegation Tides
It is not yet known what causes the Variegation Tides. Some believe in the explanations provided by traditional song or mythical tales, why others believe it is the kinds of fish that swim in Mid-Summer Sea. There are many varieties of fish that can be harvested to provide bright dyes. Others suggest the flora below are responsible, which bloom in an assortment of colours, and their falling petals give an illusion of colourful water. Others believe it is solely the use of magic, while some suggest it may be to do with Mermaids or a message from Gaia herself.   When the water is taken into buckets, it appears entirely clear.

Fauna & Flora

Both the flora and fauna are known to be docile by The Mid-Summer Sea, making it an excellent place to explore. Most of the flora are fairly small, and include Surfing Monkeys, otters, moops, and fish. Some of the fish have a special organ called a fish pouch that can be harvested to create Fish Dye - Swaankoler. Occasionally a Megawhale may appear in the deeper parts of the sea. When they exhale water, it appears in its natural rainbow form.
Inhabiting Species
A few years into the visual novel, I hope to write a scene where students can have a vacation to the Southern Isles and explore The Mid-Summer Sea.
Shui Ling is a teacher from the Southern Isles, who will often quote the beauty of The Mid-Summer Sea during class, or when counselling a student.
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