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Suwa-Isuaihovwenaparvu - Isle of Love, Hope and New Beginnings

Suwa-Isuaihovwenaparvu (The village of the Isle of Love, Hope and New Beginnings) is a large village on an island that is part of the Southern Isle archipelago. The island is situated to where the Variegation Tides are the most prominent, which has led to a tremendous impact on the village peoples' culture and beliefs.   The Southern Isle archipelago is by the Mid-Summer Sea, a large expanse that covers most of the Southern Isles. Travelling to the Southern Isles is a long and difficult journey, and for this reason the Southern Isles is geographically segregated from other societies and influences. Outsiders who do arrive on villages such as Suwa-Isuaihovwenaparvu may find that they stand out considerably.


The strongest defence of the settlement is the difficulty of finding the Southern Isles itself, and the united front each island in the archipelago has with each other. While culturally unique and independent, they will defend the territory as one.


The Isuaihovwenaparvu people believe their island was founded by the Old Ones, who abandoned their ISAAC ship against one of the village's sacred Rainbow Mountains.They believe the crash was caused out of desperation to end their old ways in order to truly have a new beginning. The islanders have free access to the ship, along with any other Southern Isle person. However, they have come to guard the ship away from other curious folk from fear that tourists and investigators may wish to damage and steal the items inside. There are currently debates on how best to preserve the ISAAC ship. Scientists outside of the Southern Isles often claim it is the best record of the Old Ones that Gaia has.


Many are intrigued by the island, due to the rare genetic heritage of the islanders, to inherit incredible rainbow coloured hair. Many people around the world are curious and eager to see such a trait for themselves, though the islanders themselves do not approve of being gawked or stared at for their unique ethnicity.   Others may visit the island for the best observation of the Variegation Tides, the Rainbow Mountains, or to participate in the many unique cultural events such as Alura, which is a kind of collaborative art that uses locally sourced fish dye.  
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I like the allyship of the group of islands, while able to be culturally distinct, still defending one another from any outside dangers.

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