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1277 AGC

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Concerning History

For generations, the Ancient Order unified the world, bringing prosperity like never before seen. Then it was gone. Swept away by what some call, The Great Collapse.
After a thousand years, we still don’t know why.
But there are clues. Hints. Pieces to the greatest puzzle in history in ruins of the Ancient Order. Remnants of their greatest works. 
There are many that debate if the knowledge of the Ancient Order should be rekindled. It’s former glory restored or forgotten. Some even suggest that the Collapse may still be happening now.
Certainly, Magic Storms and other wild magics suggest something lingers from the disaster. 
There are guilds that look to preserve the knowledge. Present a complete repository about the world of Awldor. The Archivist Guild excels at that. 
However, even they don’t know why it happened.
The Windtracer Company also looks to preserve the knowledge of the Ancients. They look in the forgotten corners of Awldor. Into the restricted ruins, the dark places. Exploring. Learning. 
There, they collect what they find so that others can learn from the past. Not to rekindle the Ancient Order, but build something new.
In the end, the Windtracers hope to decipher why the Great Collapse happened. Through that, perhaps a way to prevent it from happening again.
- Lorekeeper Nicol Oldbuck, 1277 by Windtracer reckoning


Windtracer Footnotes

  A delightful start. - Lorekeeper Gwelunis Istril   Honestly, I thought it was a bit lofty. Made him sound like an Archivist. - Lorekeeper Ihodis Jenro   Well, is that so bad? Archivist Bob's a rather nice fellow. - Lorekeeper Rudigar Brockhouse   I'm just never certain if you're a bad influence on Archivist Bob, Rudigar, or Bob is on you... - Lorekeeper Ihodis

A Collection of Journals, Expedition Reports, and Papers

of the Windtracer Company