The kingdom of Dragoria was founded when immigrants from the southern kingdoms of the Fork crossed the Lion Mountains and arrived in the dry lands that had just been scorched by dragon fire. Several settlements that had already been built by previous tribes were burnt down by the dragon Oligorious, and thus, were reclaimed by the newly arrived people. The Dragorians soon became a war tribe that live by raiding neighboring areas. They have a strong tradition of martial arts and are known for their hard combat training and difficult life style in the dry lands of their kingdom.


Dragoria is located north of the Lion Mountains and south of the controversial lands of Evergrave. The vast majority of the land is barren, a desert called "The Red Desert" or "The Red Waste", but a small region to the east is fertile and in certain places rich in nature. Dragoria's cities are built on cliffs and at certain times on very high altitudes making it almost impossible to conquer from land. As it happens, on top of most of these cliffs where the cities are built, there is vegetation and rare beauty that differs from the oceans of sand that cover most of the area.


  • A King or Queen is elected through the ceremony of Dragaro. Potential leaders claim their candidacy after having excelled in their ten year training period, which is a prerequisite for nomination. When the time comes, they travel to the “King’s Island and fight each other to the death. The surviving warrior becomes King.
  • A Small Dragon is the king's second who serves as a replacement in case of death of the king until the next king is proven through Dragaro. Each king can appoint a Small Dragon of their choice.
  • Dragoons are branded by the king or queen as raiders of proven worth. They are entitled to their own War Mask which serves as a sigil, as well as their own army and become lords or ladies of cities other than the capital.
  • Raiders are Dragorian citizens that have completed their Dragon Lane training and are entitled to perform raids and looting.
  • Unmasked warriors are Dragorians that have not completed their Dragon Lane training. They can become squires of warriors but are not entitled to looting.


  • Upon the death of a king or a queen, a Dragaro ritual is performed again to determine the next ruler.
  • Each Dragorian family can send one child to attend the ten year old military training called Dragon Lane.
  • Dragoons and Raiders have looting benefits. Looting can also mean hostages as well as items.
  • Dragoons wear metallic masks that resemble different animals.
  • Dragorian women are named "Gold Drakes" after their marriage with a Dragorian man.
  • Dragorian soldiers are called "War Masks".
  • A woman that has been taken as loot, if married to a Dragorian, is named “Silver Drake”.
  • Bodies of citizens and of kings are cremated in Pyres or buried in cemeteries.
  • Dragorian women are considered equal to Dragorian men and are entitled to the same military training.
  • Combat training of the Dragorians is considered their highest virtue.
  • A wedding ceremony among Dragorians lasts for three days and is celebrated with feasts and dances.


History of Dragoria.


Year 363 AC - 420 AC
King Denethor Kran (The Dragon Mask)
Spouse Alena Irenti
Children Germo, Vaesa Kran
Year 420 – 499 AC
King Avario Seoro
Spouse Maeyla Pleyn
Children Jisan Seoro
Year 499 – 566 AC
Queen Marga Ororo (The Basilisk)
Spouse -
Children -
Year 566 – 621 AC
King Tregor Bastin
Spouse Teria Karim
Children Felkar Bastin
Year 621 – 670 AC
King Mendoro Mantakar
Spouse Vilia Ororo
Children Triasera Mantakar
Year 670 – 732 AC
King Tentario Arima
Spouse Mesla Koyr
Children Falio Arima
Year 732 – 789 AC
Queen Giria Veyl
Spouse Livea Zeyn
Children -
Year 789 AC- 830 AC
King Dregor Kran
Spouse Mastia Varil
Children Jeraya, Valia, Korthis Kran
Year 830 AC- 879 AC
King Viniar Ororo
Spouse Destil Asay
Children Melgar Ororo
Year 879 AC-940 AC
King Enthas Ordim
Spouse Kyaneth
Children Kith Ordim
Year 940 AC-1001 AC
King Gothar Breym
Spouse Delia Baton
Children Zeria Breym
Year 1001 AC-1046 AC
King Devario Kran
Spouse Tiel Isar
Children Mestia Kran
Year 1046 – 1100 AC
King Madelno Gromis
Spouse Bisna Kral
Children Derio, Varia Gromis
Year 1100 – 1139 AC
King Lerko Kien
Spouse Maskra Dremin
Children -
Year 1139 – 1177 AC
King Verio Solim
Spouse Mermia Ororo
Children Valko Solim
Year 1177 – 1241 AC
King Dragi Berim
Spouse Zora Vel
Children Akari Berim
Year 1241 – 1270 AC
King Derima Torim
Spouse Tzan Alim
Children Volka Torim
Year 1270 – 1330 AC
Queen Jema Jaryn (The Tail)
Spouse Brikon Dreyf
Children Daria Jaryn
Year 1330 – 1381 AC
King Bekoro Bram
Spouse Deyla Kari
Children -
Year 1381 – 1429 AC
King Vilio Korey
Spouse Mespa Kran
Children Kera Korey
Year 1429 – 1472 AC
King Mastoro Breym
Spouse Deria Alana
Children Vilgor Breym
Year 1472 – 1530 AC
King Merkoro Kran
Spouse Gidia Deyla
Children Deris Kran
Year 1530 – 1589 AC
King Sarvo They
Spouse Melianith Isera
Children Verbis They
Year 1589 – 1644 AC
King Dorono Ley
Spouse Margia Rana
Children Gerio Ley, Dalia Ley
Year 1644 – 1699 AC
King Sorvoro Rora
Spouse Mariam Mentis
Children Kilbo Rora
Year 1699 – 1744 AC
King Vasko Arathis
Spouse Melia Marmia
Children Rikaro Arathis
Year 1744 – 1790 AC
King Rikaro Arathis
Spouse Felia Loun
Children Itharia Arathis
Year 1790 – 1841 AC
King Marco Valio
Spouse Velia Vissa
Children Karis Valio
Year 1841 – 1853
King Ethan Ororo (The Sea Dragon)
Spouse Faerna Dileyn
Children Maska Ororo
Year 1853 – 1900 AC
King Kirimar Heyl
Spouse Methiel Tran
Children Kardia Heyl
Year 1900 – 1951 AC
Queen Foldera Arayo
Spouse Meskis Voit
Children Alera Arayo
Year 1951 – 1980 AC
King Marius Kentoro
Spouse Giria Leyn
Children Desia Kentoro
Year 1980 AC – Present
King Karagor Kran
Spouse Velya Sina
Children Rejim, Kenthis, Volko Kran


  • 30.000 War Masks (Infantry & Cavalry).
  • 500 Black Scales (fleet).

Characteristics of a War Mask:

  • Scale Mail.
  • Black Cloak.
  • Katana.
  • Short bow.

Agriculture & Industry

Dragoria’s economy is based on local production and autonomy, as well as raids of surrounding areas. Having based their survival mostly on raiding, Dragorians are valued amongst the most able warriors of Vitallia and are known to prioritize their hard combat training and life style above all else.

"The fire of the Dragon lives inside of you"



  • Sorgotir
    City of Sorgotir of Dragoria.
  • Dragoria
    Kingdom of Dragoria.
  • Sungrief
    City of Sungrief of Dragoria
  • Branderak
    City of Branderak of Dragoria.
  • Niatol
    City of Niatol of Dragoria.
  • Nerek
    City of Nerek of Dragoria.
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