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Meteor Tales

Angelos Kyprianos | Member Since 8 Nov, 2017
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Meteor tales is an indie project that i have been developing forever. the concept started at the age of 11 years old while entering the unknown then, but captivating world of pen & paper roleplaying games. It took me a while to realise what was happening as i played among teenagers and adults but i did not care, i was mesmerized. Sessions became stories, stories became notes, notes turned to world building. Soon after, world building led to system development and game mechanics.   Over 20 years have passed since then. We never stopped playing. The frequency changed over the years, some people came and went, but we kept playing. All these years, the world building and the system development kept going endlessly. Effort after effort, testing and failure and dead ends. Make no mistake though, the process was the most fun i have ever had in my life.   However, this work could never and will never remain unfinished. It is more than a passion, it is a duty and a legacy. At the age of 34 now and counting, i am proud to release the 2nd Edition of the game.   A NOTE ABOUT THE FRIENDS I cannot stress this enought. I cannot thank you enough. I will not even try to express my gratitude towards the people that helped in this process. Endless hours of fun gaming but also, annoying beta testing and patching and changing. Thank you all for your contributions and the moments. This whole project is dedicated to you.   A NOTE ABOUT THE ARTWORK I would like to take a moment not only to express my gratitude to my friend and amazing illustrator of this book, but also showcase his amazing work which for me, is second to none. All the original artwork in Meteor Tales so far (and hopefully forever) was created by Charidimos Bitsakakis. You can check his amazing portfolio in his workstation here via the link: Charidimos Bitsakakis Artstation.     Thank you all for the amazing experience (points) so far, and the ones that follow. May this game give back to you, what it offered to us.


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