The Lion Mountains

The Lion Mountains are a natural frontier that separate a number of kingdoms. It is a place of both history and conflict, as it serves as a meeting point for armies, tribes, immigrants and many types of creatures.


The Lion Mountains consist of narrow passages amidst snow covered slopes and dense forests. Some regions of the mountains are divided by the river Fork that ends up crossing the land all the way to the southern seas. They are extremely difficult to cross due to the many dangers that lurk in every side of the region. They are also a place where monsters spawn as it is filled with underground warrens of Amber. The most common found creatures are the Mountain Lions, the beasts that the region was named after.


The Lion Mountains inherited their name after Vheod Whiteshield killed a legendary lion with nothing but a bare, white shield as a weapon, and earned his name and title as king of Lothen. Since then, several major conflicts and even have taken place, such as the War of the Mask between Lothen and Dragoria, Norionor's campaign and the endless immigration trains of people that left the southern kingdoms through the years.
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