The Veil

Followers of the Veil practice a more distant and cautious way of life. They believe that survival exists through caution, patience and avoiding peril. The faithful usually hide in remote societies and practice their religion carefully. Time is the strongest power in the universe, and through time can someone truly achieve what they want. Patience until the omens favor the cause.


Shyrune (The Mother) 

Time, Shadows, Patience, Magic.

Mora (The Daughter)

Moon, Dreams, Visions, Women, Fertility.


Followers of the Path of Time use indirect, less obvious means in their practices. Their goal is to develop the virtue of patience that will allow them to outlive less careful entities. They avoid direct engagement of any sort (combat, social interactions etc.).


Offerings are made in the temples dedicated to the two Goddesses. Usually, it includes minerals and semi valuable items.


For the Mother & the Daughter, Wait for the Omen, Mother’s Veil, Patience is a Virtue.


Hooded female figure.

Patience is a Virtue

Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
The Ladies, The Mother & Daughter
Permeated Organizations
Controlled Territories


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