The Freelands of the South

The Freelands of the South were formed following the expansion of humans from the southern kingdoms of the kingdoms, as well as imigrant groups of Armorgrand, Mooncry and Esgolithon. The mixed peoples had to fight against the monsters of the Crater and also survive the hardships of the desert. At first, certain city states had been formed due to the cultural difference of each group of people, but later, a untied kingdom was formed under an elected King and a council of Governors who rule over the land. All cities except for the capital, are ruled by a Governor who can shape and alter certain laws and characteristics according to their preference, usually affected by customs of their origin.


The Freelands are located east of the Crater of the sentinel and north of the Lion Mountains and Armorgrand. The kingdom is mostly built on a vast desert with certain an occasional oasis amidst waves of red sand. The northern city of Fengh is considered the last frontier before the true north and the Freelands of the North. Certain cities that are located closer to the Crater often suffer from monster raids and other calamities such as extreme phenomena that occur periodically.


  • A King or a Queen, is a figure of absolute authority in the kingdom and is based in the capital.
  • Overlords are Governors chosen by the King or Queen to rule after them.
  • Governors are in charge of cities beyond the capital, they serve as authority figures locally, possessing an army of their own sigil under the kingdom’s sigil. Governors must represent different races that agree with the history of the kingdom. They pay taxes to the king and have the right to adjust the taxes of their cities. Governors can shape each city to match the architectural style of their race.
  • Aristocrats are rich individuals regardless of bloodline. Their family name has a certain effect but not merely as great as in other kingdoms. Their wealth defines their status. Aristocrats have slaves and mansions and a great number of personnel to serve them. They are usually owners of several establishments and can also own slaves but are not entitled to their own sigil or army.
  • Middle class citizens are entitled to a small piece of land in order to produce and trade their own merchandise, paying tribute to the local lords. They can become slavers but in the employ of aristocrats as they are not entitled to slave ownership.
  • Low class citizens provide labor in other peoples’ lands in exchange for a small salary. They are not entitled to any land and have limited rights that vary from city to city.
  • Slaves do not get paid at all and have limited rights assigned to them by their masters. Gladiator slaves receive payments that vary according to their reputation.


  • Use of Magic is forbidden within cities for everyone, from low class citizens to ranking officials and even kings and queens.
  • A king or a ruler who uses illegal magic will lose their rank permanently and their heir will replace them immediately.
  • The King or Queen can assign a Master or a Mistress to be ruler after their reign. If the King or Queen dies without an assigned heir, the throne passes to the oldest living Governor.
  • Dead bodies of kings are sealed in a sarcophagus and placed in the catacombs of the Red Pyramid.
  • Dead bodies of citizens are burnt in pyres.
  • Gladiator fights in the arena are considered the dominant form of entertainment in the kingdom.
  • Gladiators fight in small arenas first and only the top contestants fight before a ruler in the great arena.
  • A slave or a gladiator is considered a valuable gift among lords.
  • Governors shape their cities in terms of architecture and certain customs according to the customs of their own race and origin.
  • Use of magic is prohibited within the cities out of fear of attracting monsters in the area.
  • Spawns of mixed races are called “Desert Children” and are considered to be an omen of greatness and strength.
Year 320 AC-490 AC
King Alarion Grey (Serenian, known as “Blacktail”)
Spouse Akaria Raious
Children Kentorion Grey
Year 490 AC-650 AC
King Kastor Darmin (Dwarf)
Spouse Gesthina Gara
Children Dorok Darmin
Year 650 AC-880 AC
King Dorok Darmin
Spouse Disia Beym
Children Rogok Darmin
Year 880 AC-999 AC
King Kargath Agor (Brutgor)
Spouse Nerena Grom
Children Birath Agor
Year 999 AC-1044 AC
King Tristam Reyam (Human)
Spouse Anesa Lyn
Children Gerthis Reyam
Year 1044 AC-1390 AC
King Denthor Garick (Dwarf)
Spouse Gilena Var
Children Sertiko, Malgar Garick
Year 1390 AC-1660 AC
King Lorkus Ithem (Serenian)
Spouse Iria Mey
Children Kinthana Ithem
Year 1660 AC-1889 AC
King Valagar Dor (Brutgor, known as “The Hammer”)
Spouse Lerka Zar
Children Dostorna Dor
Year 1889 AC-present
King Regar Spentis (Human)
Spouse Maesia Ilena
Children Oraia Spentis


  • 11.000 War Scorpions (Infantry).
  • 3.000 Scorpion Riders (Cavalry).

Traditional Equipment War Scorpion

  • Gold – Red Cloak
  • Metallic helmet
  • Round shield
  • Spear
  • Whip
  • Bow

Agriculture & Industry

The Freelands of the South base their economy upon a huge trade network that has been developed among certain kingdoms (Freelands of the North, Rose, Dragoria and Lothen). They support the use of slaves and the operation of an arena of gladiators that greatly affects the country’s income through the entertainment industry that attracts aristocrats from allover the realm.

"Be the Beast"


  • Lar-Forath
    City of Lar-Forath of the Freelands of the South.
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