The kingdom of Rose was formed by Meriel Roserise in the aftermath of The Great War. It is known as the capital of Magic, a cradle of knowledge and a place of academic research. Rose's magocracy became known in the realm and the kingdom's history is directly connected with the history of magic itself.


Rose is located west of The Crater. The land near the Crater is barren and extremely dangerous due to the various phenomena and pecurialities of its nature. From monster raids, to extreme weather phenomena, the proximity with the Sentinel triggers a chain of effects upon the area. The rest of the kingdom is characterized by beautiful fields and dense forests. The southern and northern regions differ slightly as they are located close to the empty canyons of Mooncry and the dry lands of Armorgrand.


  • The Queen or King is the absolute Monarch of the kingdom. She is worshiped as a goddess and her power is legendary. Her existence is directly connected with the survival of the kingdom. The Queen (or person in charge) can channel magical energy from the Royal Pool of Magic in order to enhance their power.
  • Archmages are in charge of cities beyond the capital, they serve as authority figures locally, possessing an army of their own sigil under the kingdom’s sigil. Each one of them is supported by a Local Pool of Magic that is fed by the magic of local spell casters in each city. They pay taxes to the queen and have the right to adjust taxes in their cities. Their magical power supplies the Royal Pool of Magic.
  • Aristocrats define trade and relations between the kingdoms. They are not entitled to their own sigil but possess a keep or a tower with servants and a limited personal guard.
  • Middle class citizens are entitled to a small piece of land in order to produce and trade their own goods, paying tribute to the local lords.
  • Low class citizens provide labor in other peoples’ lands in exchange for a small salary. They are not entitled to any land and have limited rights that vary from city to city. They are often farmers, serfs, or apprentices to mages. Their development in the social pyramid depends upon the good will of their lords who evaluate their performance.


  • Rose is a Magocracy. This means that society is defined not only by wealth, but by magical power as well. People of authority are required to be magicians. People without any magical skill, are considered illiterate.
  • The Monarch assigns Archmages at their own discretion.
  • If the monarch dies, the throne passes to the Archmage with the largest Local Pool of Magic.
  • The Queen's title has been in the possession of the same person since the creation of the kingdom. She is the absolute monarch of the country and among the most powerful individuals in Vitallia.
  • The Seed is a council that consists of the Archmages that often assembles in order to deal with minor subjects collectively.
  • Apprentices of wizards are considered the equivalent of squires for knights.
  • The bodies of the dead are stored within a sarcophagus made of glass.
  • City lords and ladies in command of a city are called Archmages and can shape or alter certain minor laws, taxation of their cities and other customs, but are obligated to submit their magical energy to the Royal Pool of Magic, allowing the Queen almost absolute control over them.
  • Weddings do not exist in Rose. There is a similar ritual called “Dareym” in which a bond of magic is formed between two people, celebrating their union.
  • All the Navarune are trained to fight with magic and weapons.
  • Women are treated with great respect and are more often seen in places of authority compared to men, since they are better attuned to magic.
  • Magic is celebrated in the kingdom and also taught in schools and universities.
  • Knights do not exist in Rose. Warriors that have the ability to wield magic are called Navarune and are considered the bulk of the royal army.
  • Outlaws are often placed upon huge wheels at a city’s entrance where their bones are being broken condemning them to a slow and painful death.
  • All local wizards must graduate from a school of magic to be called Wizards or Mages. All the others are called Magelings.


History of Rose.


YEAR: 6 AC-PRESENT Queen Meriel Roserise


  • 6.000 Navarune.


  • Splint mail armor.
  • Purple robe and blue cloak.
  • Bastard sword.

"Do not fear power, wield it"



  • Larkon
    City of Larkon of Rose.
  • Rose
    Map of the kingdom of Rose.
  • Rosehail
    City of Rosehail of Rose.
  • Lontian
    City of Lontian of Rose.
  • Arontil
    City of Arontil.
  • Othantis
    City of Othantis of Rose.
  • Liongate
    City of Liongate of Rose.
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