Vitallia became a Prime World after its separation from the Pantheon. Its Meteoric energy resulted in a world of rich magic and nature. Vitallia is a material world which holds the power of the Meteor within, spawning life force continuously and seeding the world with creatures of all kinds. The very Crater of the world which conceals the meteoric energy is guarded by the creature Sentinel, an extension of the world itself that appears as a manifestation of all the elements combined. Vitallia and its Meteoric Core are separated by the Underworld, a Gateway plane for the dead of the specific Prime World. Vitallia is also located amidst three Ethereal Dimensions, the Astral, the Eral and the Abyss, which operate as processors of Life Force. Some of them were created by pure force of will from the inhabitants of the world as a result of collective consciousness and hive minded force.


  • World map of Vitallia
    The complete map of the known world of Vitallia.
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