Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is the passage that connects Vitallia to all other planes. It is a passage that contains the Path of Judgment, a process that drives all creatures to the appropriate dimensions after their physical existence has ended. The Astral Plane is a distorted resemblance of the Prime World to which it connects. Deprived of physical elements and the linear concept of time, the Astral Plane hosts the lingering spirits of the world for as long as it is required for them to step to the next plane of existence.


The Astral Plane is an ethereal plane. There are no material items or forms that can exist within its premises. Shapes and forms of the creatures that linger within the Astral Planes are mostly distinguished by their auras and colors, rather than their previous, mortal forms. Spirits of the Astral Plane can monitor the Prime World but cannot interact with it, unless strong magic intervenes. The Astral Plane is a dangerous place because its purpose is to force its inhabitants to inner reflection and place them on a path to another plane, a process that can often create serious chain reactions.
Alternative Name(s)
the spirit world
Dimensional, Pocket
Location under
Inhabiting Species


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