The Universe of Meteor Tales is called Radrum. It consists of Prime Worlds and several other Planes hat coexist and sometimes, even connect with each other. In this chapter, we are going to analyze the basic properties of these planes and their connection with Vitallia. The Universe of Radrum is a vital part of the game. Several situations may lead the players in other dimensions, or force them to utilize elements of such dimensions, such as summoning Spirits or traveling to the Underworld to bring a dead character back to life. This chapter will help navigate through these conditions, but for more details regarding these worlds, one must consult a separate Lore Book of Meteor Tales.

Prime Worlds

A Prime World is a material plane which serves as a host for the world of the living, offering life force and often magic. A Prime World is connected with several dimensions that operate as Gateways that process Life Force, as well as store it in the many forms it undertakes during its journey through the Cosmos. Each Prime World spawns a number of secondary dimensions that circle it and enhance its existence. There are three Prime Worlds in the Universe of Radrum, Vitallia, the Pantheon and the distant world of Mea.

Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes are dimensions created by powerful individuals that have reached an overwhelming status of power. These creatures who are often Gods, have the ability to form a world of their own, which offers protection and power. The ruler of this mini world holds tremendous, if not absolute, power of everything that moves within it. These worlds are often small in size comparing to Prime Worlds but can be shaped according to the needs and the desires of their rulers. It is not rare for Gods to choose among mortals who they consider worthy, and absorb them into their Pocket Plane after death as a reward. Through their power, the mortals forfeit the process of the Judgment Path and the Astral Plane and inhabit the Pocket Plane directly as a reward for their services. These chosen mortals are called Avatars.


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