Lar-Forath is the largest city of the Freelands of the South. The city is built on the desert known as "Red Waste", near the mountains of Nightwolf. Carved stone and ivory are the dominant elements of Lar – Forath, a city always guarded against potential monster raids from the nearby Crater. Lar-Forath resembles mixed elements of several races in terms of architecture and culture. Along with stone houses, there are also large tents inhabited by Brutgors, with Totems decorating their entrances and large warrens for Serenians and dwarves that choose to live beneath the surface of the earth. The city is a trade center for central Vitallia, a place where several cultures meet, providing a huge range of items for sale from various kingdoms.

Common Marketplace

  • Blacksmiths: 6
  • Leather workers: 6
  • Wood workers: 4
  • Enchanters: 2
  • Healers: 4
  • Alchemists: 3
  • Inns: 7
  • Libraries: 1
  • Mercenary Offices: 1
  • Stables: 4

Reputable Vendors

  • Bolik's Blacksmith
  • Red Red Inn
  • Levita's Tannery


  • Lar-Forath
    City of Lar-Forath of the Freelands of the South.
Founding Date
Large city
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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