The city of Branderak is built upon a giant rock. The rock is filled with carved pathways that lead to the top, in a flat and impressively vivid and nature-rich city. Branderak is characterized by her slow rhythm, the harmony and faith in the deep and rooted traditions of the Dragorians. The main road was scorched by dragon fire, and is considered ancient and sacred to the people of Dragoria. The city is filled with colorful flowers that decorate the city-oasis with various shades and scents. The houses are built of thin wood and stone and rice paper walls that divide them into parts. From within the rock, fountains pour water into basins. In certain sides of the rock, there are ropes that work as elevators, transferring items and people from the city to the desert and vice versa.

Common Marketplace

  • Blacksmiths: 4
  • Leather workers: 4
  • Wood workers: 2
  • Enchanters: 1
  • Healers: 3
  • Alchemists: 1
  • Inns: 3
  • Libraries: 1
  • Mercenary Offices: 1
  • Stables: 3

Reputable Vendors

  • Carved Dragon Smith
  • Scorpion Inn
  • Smiling Masks Tavern
  • The Scorpion Stables
  • Arima’s Talismans and Charms
  • Balfer’s Clothing
  • Maltha’s Alchemy & Herbs
  • Bulha’s Runes & Enchantments


  • Branderak
    City of Branderak of Dragoria.
Founding Date
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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