History of Dragoria

  • 345 AC

    Lands of Dragon Fire

    Lothenian and Sartian immigrants settle in the lands north of the Lion Mountains. The barren cities had been previously scorched by Dragon Fire and the new inhabitants settle in its dry lands.

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  • 363 AC

    The Founding of Dragoria

    The inhabitants of the scorched lands beyond the Lion Mountains perform raids against the nearby villages in order to survive. Queen Aryan Whiteshield of Lothen, declares the “War of the Mask” to stop the raids. Under the leadership of Denethor Kran, they repel the Lothenian army and the leader gains the reputation of the Dragon Mask, the king who stepped into dragon fire. He establishes laws that agree with the environment and the culture of their new identity, and assigns military ranks according to valuable skills such as fighting, and the ability to survive in the desert. Men and women alike, become hunters and raiders and gain rights of looting, ruling and other benefits. Under his reign, the custom of “Dragaro” is introduced for the election of the new king, when the time comes and the kingdom of Dragoria is born, separated from Lothen.

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  • 512 AC

    The Years of the Basilisk
    Life, Education

    In 512 AC, Queen Marga Ororo, also known as “the Basilisk”, focuses on making the Dragorians the most deadly fighting force of Central Vitallia. Under her reign, the training of the Dragorians becomes one of the most painful and difficult types of training. She creates the rank of the “Dragoon”, the ultimate warrior who graduates and survives the training called “The years of the Basilisk”. Dragoons are rewarded with additional rights, commanding privileges and various honors and respect in all of Dragoria.

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  • 522 AC

    Dragoria's Tactical War
    Military action

    In 522 AC, Marga Ororo of Dragoria sends one hundred Dragoon assassins to the forts located in the mountains of Nemar, killing the officers of the Lothenian army and disabling the outposts that were under the control of the southern kingdoms. Her strategies increased the security and power of Dragoria significantly. She also created and deployed a large number of raiding ships that patrolled the eastern coast, dominating the sea between Dragoria and Exotia.

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  • 630 AC

    670 AC

    Mantakar's Curse
    Criminal Activity

    In 630 AC, Mendoro Mantakar commands a raiding mission north, to the ruins of Evergrave. The largest part of his army is assassinated within days time, as Mendoro discovers that the old kingdom of Evergrace, is secretly controlled by Meteor Elves who live under the surface of the earth. The king returns after four years in 634 AC, defeated and changed. Over the years, his behavior changes drastically. He remains enclosed in his chambers. The few trusted advisors describe him as "unable to command". With his mind broken and his body rotting from the inside, he suffered a slow and painful death in 670 AC. Many believe that his death was a result of a powerful magical curse that he picked from the north during his failed mission.

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  • 850 AC

    The War of the Dragon Lake

    In 850 AC, Viniar Ororo of Dragoria claims the cities west of Naram Lake. The Freelanders lose the city of Naiatoria and Lian in a war that was known as “The War of the Dragon Lake”. Viniar believed that the territories that were burnt down by the Dragon, belonged to the Dragorians, and his vision was to conquer them all. Viniar failed to march further west, as the armies of the Freelanders were more powerful that he had anticipated. In addition, pirates from the east and raids the north forced the king to withdraw his army back to Dragoria in order to repel the attacks and regroup.

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  • 1000 AC

    The Lion & The Mask
    Diplomatic action

    In 1000 AC, king Gothar Breym receives a request by Norionor Whiteshield of Lothen to unite Dragoria with the kingdoms of men and join the “March of the Lion”. The king refuses the call, draws his armies back and fortifies the Dragorian cities, leaving the southern armies exposed to the hardness of the desert. Norionor Whiteshield does not wish to lose time and units by attacking the cliff cities of Dragoria, or exhausting his forces in the red desert and thus, he skips the country and heads directly to the Freelands.

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  • 1114 AC

    Shelter for Magic
    Civil action

    In 1114 AC, king Lerko Kien of Dragoria provides refuge to users of magic that have been outcast or hunted down due to the Prohibition of Magic that forbids the practice and use of magic in many parts of Central Vitallia. Many magic users find shelter in the cities of Dragoria, well protected and out of the reach of the Runic Knights of the north. To return the favor, a wizard named Josem Gerswing creates the Gerswing Gem, a magical item of protective nature and offers it to the king of Dragoria.

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  • 1204 AC

    1216 AC

    Dragoria's Civil War & Battle of the Lone Dragon

    "In 1204 AC in Dragoria, under the reign of Dragi Berim, the city of Sorgotir claims its independence."

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  • 1853 AC

    The Battle of the Wave

    "King Ethan Ororo of Dragoria, also known as the Sea Dragon, builds the “Black Scale Fleet”, a large number of war ships that raid the shores of Exotia and the islands of the Trident Empire."