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Tpr. Mía Alvarado

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Every day, I strive to be better, to master my emotions and no longer let this rage inside me consume everything. Every day. And yet, my strength is what's kept me alive... Ironic, isn't it?
— Tpr. Mía Alvarado
  Mía Alvarado is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. As a member of Delta Two Two, a special forces team known for their expertise in high-risk operations, she serves as the team's machine gunner. One thing that sets Mía apart from the rest of her teammates is her augmented twin synthetic biomechanical prosthetic arms and right foot, gifted to her after a gruesome encounter with some particularly vicious underlings of Sletair, Nadir of Lust.   Mía's story is a bittersweet one. Although she is grateful for her prosthetic arms and the opportunities they have given her, the trauma of losing her limbs weighs heavy and she bears a deep-seated hatred for the Demons that caused her to become an amputee. This hatred is what fuels her on the battlefield, making her a fierce warrior who will stop at nothing to take down the enemy.  


Despite her anger and aggression, Mía is also a source of inspiration for her teammates. Her loud and brash personality, coupled with her boundless energy and strength, makes her a natural leader who can motivate others to push through tough situations. However, her rage can sometimes get the best of her, causing her to become trigger-happy and putting herself and her team at risk. In these moments, it is up to her teammates to reign her in and help her maintain her composure.   Struggling with Survivor's guilt after losing her limbs and witnessing the deaths of others during the attack that changed her life, Mía often feels like she could have done more to save others. Sometimes feeling like she does not deserve to be alive. However, for the most part, Mía is able to direct this pain into action and uses it to drive her forward with her goals. Succeeding for those she has lost along the way.   But Mía's life isn't all about the darkness in fighting demons and taking down enemies. She has a best friend, Tpr. Bailey Pittman, who she met after her amputation. It was through Bailey that Mía was introduced to Delta Two, and she has never looked back since. Her loyalty to her team is unwavering, and she will do anything to protect them.   For Mía, keeping fit and strong is not just about being good at her job - it's also a way to stay in control of her life. She knows that she can't control everything that happens to her, but she can control her physical fitness and strength. It gives her a sense of agency and self-confidence that she carries with her on and off the battlefield.  

Morality and Philosophy

Mía's morality and philosophy are heavily influenced by her experiences and emotions. Her gratitude towards her amputation is bittersweet, as it led her to meet her best friend and join Delta Two, but it is also overshadowed by her hatred for the demons who caused her to become an amputee.


My experiences have taught me that there is no black or white when it comes to our world, only shades of grey.
— Tpr. Mía Alvarado
Mía's moral compass is driven by her emotions and personal experiences rather than a strict code of ethics or principles. She tries very hard to maintain her composure, but lives with a constant internal conflict between her emotional responses and her desire for discipline and control.


Mía believes in the importance of mental and emotional fortitude in addition to physical strength. She knows that having a tough mindset is just as important as having the physical ability to fight, and she strives to cultivate resilience in all areas of her life. Mía firmly believes that she can rise above any obstacles by developing a strong will and mindset.
Strength lies in our minds and spirits too, not just our bodies.
— Tpr. Mía Alvarado

Content warning(s):
PTSD, survivors guilt, amputation
Mía Alvarado by MrBizcocho
Brown, siren-eyed
Black, half-long half-shaved pixie cut, straight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium tan, rosy complexion
5'11" (1.80m)
235lbs (107kg)
Physical traits
Muscular with an hour-glass body shape. Twin prosthetic arms and a prosthetic right-foot
Member of (former)
Pator City defence force,
Imperium Coalition Defence Force
    81st Rifle Battalion
Member of (current)
Imperium Coalition Special Shock Assault Service
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Personal History

Mía grew up in one of the more dangerous neighbourhoods within the city walls. Her parents were both former military, but after retiring from service, they struggled to find work and make ends meet. They did their best to shield Mía from the worst of the violence and crime in their area, but it was impossible to avoid altogether. As a result, Mía learned to be street-smart and tough from a young age.   Despite the challenges of her upbringing, Mía found refuge in physical activity and sports. She joined the city's youth boxing league and quickly became known for her strength and tenacity in the ring. Her skills caught the attention of a recruiter for the city's security forces, who offered her the opportunity to train and join their ranks. Mía jumped at the chance to serve her community and make a better life for herself.  

Professional History

    Pator City Defence

    Mía's time in the defence forces of her home city, Pator, taught her the importance of discipline, strategy, and teamwork. She quickly rose through the ranks, impressing her superiors with her ability to handle heavy weaponry and her fearless attitude in the face of danger.  

    Delta Two Two

    Mía's path to Delta Two Two (D-22) was not straightforward.
    Whilst on patrol with the city Defence force the city was attacked by underlings of Sletair. Mía was caught outside of the wall, trapped. Her team was decimated along with several others and she was brutalised by a handful of underlings. Thankfully, there was a detachment from the Imperium Coalition Special Shock Assault Service nearby who were redeployed to help push-back the assault, preventing the need to deploy an AESIR. The team who eventually found her unconscious amongst the rubble, returned her back behind the wall and into the care of medical personnel. These ICSSAS soldiers would inspire Mía to change her career goals and focus on joining the ICSSAS - just like her saviours.   She first served in several Imperium Coalition Defence Force units receiving multiple promotions and meeting Bailey for the first time, before being recruited to Delta Two - following Bailey's lead. After a successful trial mission with Delta Two One she was asked to transfer to Delta Two Two, where she could put her well developed skills as a machine gunner to use. Mía quickly proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team, and LCpl. Akanni Balogun recognized her talent and potential. He took her under his wing and helped her refine her skills as a special forces soldier and machine gunner.



Mía Alvarado by MrBizcocho
Mía's body has been rebuilt with synthetic biomechanical prosthetics that closely mimic human biology and form. Her arms were amputated at the shoulder, and her right foot at the ankle.   These prosthetics are of military-grade quality, optimised for maximum physical performance rather than fine motor control. As a result, Mía's movements are deliberate and powerful, often lacking the subtle nuance of natural human motion. The prosthetics also include fewer artificial nerves to minimise pain signals, which means Mía feels less physical discomfort than most people. However, the downside is that she also experiences less sensation and touch in her prosthetic limbs, which can be disorienting and frustrating at times.   Mía's new found strength and abilities with her prosthetics have given her a sense of empowerment, allowing her to excel as a machine gunner for Delta Two Two. However, her weakened sense of feeling can also be a disadvantage as she sometimes struggles to sense damage or injuries that can impair her performance or endanger her life. This has led Mía to rely more heavily on her teammates for support and trust, something that can be difficult for someone as strong-willed and independent as she is.  

Preferred equipment

    1x Styx-50 .50bmg belt-fed autocannon,
    1x .50bmg belt-feeding backpack,
    1x Beamblade high-amplitude UVc laser sidearm,
    2x CN47 Chaff Grenade,
    4x UVc ChemLights,
    1x Dual grapple-harpoon system,
    1x Trauma kit,
    1x Water bladder,
    1x 24hr rations pack,


Delta Two

    (D-22) Delta Two Two Patrol

    During her time with Delta Two Two, Mía has grown into a skilled operator through Akanni's mentorship. She has formed close bonds with her teammates and consistently pushes herself to become a better person. Both teams under Delta Two have become her family away from home and she defends them all ferociously.  
    LCpl. Akanni Balogun
    Mía and Akanni have a close mentor-mentee relationship. Despite his tough exterior, Akanni has taken Mía under his wing and mentored her to be a more effective operator. Mía greatly respects Akanni's experience and looks up to him as a role model.  
    Tpr. Hannah Moeko
    Although Hannah is a bit more introverted than the rest of the team, Mía makes an effort to get to know her better and will often encourage Hannah to speak up more and share her valuable insights with the team. Mía knows that behind her quiet demeanour lies a determined and focused operator. Despite their different personalities, they both trust and rely on each other for support.  
    Tpr. Ilya Artemiy Valerianovich
    Mía and Ilya share a friendly but somewhat competitive relationship. They often joke around with each other, with Ilya teasing Mía about her muscles and Mía playfully teasing Ilya about his love for explosives. However, Mía also recognizes the importance of Ilya's role in the team and greatly appreciates his skills. She will often ask for his input when planning missions that involve demolitions or explosives, and trusts him to get the job done safely and efficiently.

    (D-21) Delta Two One Patrol

    Cpl. May Zhang
    Mía has a lot of respect for May as a leader. She admires May's tactical mind and the way she handles herself in high-pressure situations. Although May can be quite serious at times, Mía knows that she can always turn to her for guidance and support should she need it.  
    Tpr. Bailey Pittman
    Mía and Bailey have a one-of-a-kind relationship where they complement each other perfectly. Bailey is the daring and spontaneous friend who helps Mía unwind and let go, while Mía is the sensible and reliable one who helps keep Bailey on track. In fact, Mía is often the only person who can get Bailey to confide in her and reveal her emotions. With an unwavering commitment to Bailey's wellbeing, Mía will stop at nothing to ensure that her friend is safe and content.  
    Tpr. Tobi Schöler
    Mía is drawn to Tobi's gentle nature and sense of humour, finding it to be a refreshing change of pace from the intensity of their work. Tobi, on the other hand, is fond of Mía's unwavering determination and resilience. He admires her ability to keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity, and finds her to be an inspiration.  
    Tpr. Louis Hodari
    Mía and Louis have a lot in common. They both have a love for good food, and Mía often shares her cooking tips and recipes with Louis. On the field, Mía is always in awe of Louis's skill as a marksman, and she often turns to him for advice on improving her own accuracy.

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