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Tpr. Bailey Pittman

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I miss holding you, feeling your skin, but these damn prosthetics are only good for killing. I hate them, I hate the people who took my hands, who left me alive in this broken body.   Why didn't I die like the others?   Still... I won't let them win. I'll use these limbs to protect others, to make a difference. That's what keeps me going, knowing I can make a change despite everything they took.
— Tpr. Bailey Pittman
  A member of Delta Two One under the Lead of Cpl. May Zhang, Bailey is the first of her family to be accepted into the ICSSAS. Bailey is a quadruple amputee - transfemoral and transhumeral, her limbs were irreversibly damaged from trauma and frostbite after she was ejected into vacuum following the successful and devastating sabotage of her platoon's deployment ships.  


Bailey has quite a reserved, closed-off personality. She's not one to open up or dwell on serious topics - instead choosing to rely on jokes and sarcasm to avoid the subject. On the surface, she is often energetic and frequently labelled as a "bad influence" on her peers.
Whilst maintaining a positive persona and generous attitude on the outside, when alone Bailey is a rather different person. Her facade drops and pain often surfaces for a moment before being buried again or an emotional breakdown occurs.   Bailey suffers from PTSD and OCD (fear of hurting those she cares about). These diagnoses are the direct result of the sabotage and from the quality of prosthetics she was given - military grade. After living with this new reality for over four years, she has managed to ,for the most part, live-with the symptoms thanks to the help of medication and rage. As Bailey's medication isn't sourced through subscription, she technically passed for service once more.   When your training dictates that you get on with it or die, Bailey has yet to properly process what happened to her and instead throws herself into intense situations or shuts off her emotions in order to mask the trauma. Life is never dull around Tpr. Pittman - She won't let it be.  

Morality and Philosophy


You don't get to die before me! No one else is dying before me... Not again! Not ever again!
— Tpr. Bailey Pittman
Bailey has an inexplicably strong drive to protect the innocent and bring judgement to the guilty. She values her peers above all else and as such, views the world through an "us versus them" lense.   This can sometimes cause Bailey to act in a heavy-handed manner and be impulsive when dealing with people she believes have done wrong.


Bailey doesn't care why the Demons and their Nadirs are here, on Errack. Nor does she care why there are only eight stars in the sky. Bailey's only concern is to the lives of those around her and those who can't defend themselves.
I don't care if you're stealing to feed your children, or whatever, I care if you hurt someone whilst doing it. You don't have the right to destroy some innocent person's life for your own gains.
— Tpr. Bailey Pittman
Content warning(s):
PTSD, depression, talk of suicide, body image, amputation,
Bailey Pittman by MrBizcocho
Blue, doe-eyed
Auburn and copper balayage, medium length, wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, freckled
5'4" (1.62m)
155lbs (70kg)
Physical Traits
Athletically fit with a bottom-heavy triangle (pear) body shape
Member of (former)
Imperium Coalition Defence Force
101st Battalion
Member of (current)
Imperium Coalition Special Shock Assault Service
Delta Two
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Personal History

From adolescence, Bailey showed great skill in athletics and shooting. Participating in three, teen crossfit championships and winning a "Run 'n' Gun" competition by the age of fifteen. These two factors no doubt played a role in the local ICDF branch head-hunting her for enlistment at sixteen.

Professional History


    Bailey began her career with the Imperium Coalition Defence Force as a Rifleman in the 101st Battalion, eventually specialising in reconnaissance. She served for almost three years in this role before everything went wrong.   During deployment to a misssion for the ICDF, Bailey's insertion vehicle was sabotaged, along with the rest of her platoon's. The destruction caused the death and dismemberment of five soldiers, the permanent paralysis of two more and irreversible damage to Bailey's limbs.   Following the devastation and toll inflicted upon Bailey's Platoon, she was benched from service until she could pass both mental and physical health assessments as well as the basic entrance exams again.   Following roughly four years of persistent training, exercising and tuning her prosthetics, Bailey re-took her entrance exams for the third year in-a-row and passed near-top of the class. Once again, entering the ICDF.  


    Following her re-enlistment to the ICDF, Bailey applied for a role within the ICSSAS straight away.   Joining Delta Squadron, Bailey specialised as a demolitions expert. And has held this position for over two years - making her the youngest operator of Delta Two One.



Bailey Pittman by MrBizcocho
Bailey is fitted with synthetic biomechanical prosthetics that, for the most part, mimic human biology and form. Her amputations are at the: Shoulder dissarticulation for her right arm, transhumeral point for her left arm, and both legs are hemipelvectomies.   As Bailey's prosthetics are 'military-grade', they have less fine-motor control than the average human would typically possess. This is due to the prosthetics being focused on athletic and physical peaks of performance in terms of speed and power delivery. Additionally, there are intentionally less artificial nerves installed in her spec of prosthetics to reduce feelings of pain. These artificial nerves also send weaker signals to the brain for the same aforementioned reason.   Because of these design decisions, Bailey has developed a form of OCD, focused on the idea that she will hurt somebody due to the lack of fine motor-control and tactile feedback she feels from her prosthetics.

ICSSAS standard gear


    Outfitted with a waterproof, skin-tight, anti-microbial bodysuit beneath their fatigues to prevent smell, promote healthy conditions and keep the user warm. The bodysuit also has key areas lined with an ultra-durable fibre to prevent piercing and cuts via typical means.   Combat fatigues are a dark grey colour with subtle camouflage patterning, with plain dark grey interior colouration, tailored to fit each ICSSAS operator.   Armour is a matte dark grey colour, matching the slightly lighter inner material of the fatigues. Made from solid plates of armour, backed by a layer of pressure responsive gel to reduce harsh impacts and physical shock.

Preferred equipment

1x SAR-41 semi-automatic rifle chambered in .458CTA 'pocket poppers'.
1x Beamblade high-amplitude UVc laser sidearm,
1x M44 shoulder-mounted belt-fed 20mm grenade launcher,
2x CN47 Chaff Grenade,
2x 2.2m Breaching strip,
4x UVc ChemLights,
1x Grapple harpoon,
1x Trauma kit,
1x Water bladder,
1x 24hr rations pack,
    In addition to their dark grey armour tailored fatigues and bodysuits, each ICSSAS operator is supplied with a choice of helmet and helmet modifications. However, each helmet comes with some standard features, such as; An electrochromic transparent metal lense, an AR HUD capable of switching between multiple light spectrum filters, displaying sensor information and visuals, in-built microphone and speaker arrays for communication and improved situational awareness, and a filtered rebreather for temporary oxygen supply in hostile environments.


Delta Two

    (D-21) Delta Two One Patrol

    Bailey has served with Delta Two One for over two years. She has an incredibly close bond with all operators of Delta Two One, and regards Delta Two Two as some of her closest friends. Namely, Mía and Bailey are best friends.  
    Cpl. May Zhang
    1st In Command of Delta Two One, the motherly May Zhang is the 'firm but fair' leader. Tactically and strategically minded, May has a quiet persona and is all too happy to sit and watch the antics of her Squadron as they bicker or party between assignments.  
    Tpr. Tobi Schöler
    Designated machine gunner of Delta Two One, Tobi is a gentle giant - with muscles to show for it. Armed with a light-weight, gimballed exo-frame mount for his weapon and a back case of ammo, most things tend to run or hide once rounds start flying.  
    Tpr. Louis Hodari
    Louis is the designated marksman for Delta Two One, with wicked reflexes and a history in recon, Louis is a lethal hunter and, surprisingly, an amazing chef - all those emergency rations gave him a real strong love for good food.

    (D-22) Delta Two Two Patrol

    LCpl. Akanni Balogun
    2nd In Command of Delta Two One. As a CQB and hand-to-hand specialist, Akanni earned his surname upon joining the ICSSAS and has since only gotten more and more effective in his role as a now team leader.  
    Tpr. Hannah Moeko
    The designated marksman for Delta Two Two, Mía has proven to be a truly lethal operator. Though Hanna is a bit more introverted and quiet than her comrades, when in uniform or on mission, she is focused and determined to be useful.  
    Tpr. Mía Alvarado
    Mía and Bailey have a sister-like bond. As Best friends they often spend their free-time together, almost all of it in fact, in each other's presence. As the designated Machinegunner for Delta Two Two, Mía is short tempered and all too happy to saturate an area with high-calibre rounds.  
    Tpr. Ilya Artemiy Valerianovich
    Designated demolitions specialist, Ilya has an innate ability to make things set on fire or go "boom" with minimal resources, and often just scraps left laying about. Chemistry has always been a passion of Ilya's, and now he gets to fight for and defend his team with that same passion.


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