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Tpr. Hannah Moeko

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I am not one to hold illusions of perfection. Yet, in my relentless pursuit of self-improvement, I have learned to harness my flaws and mistakes, forging them into a weapon to achieve my goals.   Many may brand my determination as ruthless, but it is my willingness to take calculated risks and make difficult decisions that sets me apart from the timid and complacent. For what good is a goal if one is not willing to fight tooth and nail to claim it?
— Tpr. Hannah Moeko
  Designated marksman for Delta Two Two, Hannah Moeko wields her intellect like a master craftsman. She can assess any situation with lightning speed, picking out weaknesses and potential traps that others would miss.   But it was not just her brilliant mind that earned her a place among the elite warriors of Delta Two Two. No, it was her unbreakable will, her refusal to be defined by her physical limitations. After tragedy took both her legs, she rose again, stronger than ever. Now, with the aid of twin prosthetic legs, she moves with speed and precision, able to take down foes from near-impossible distances.   Yet, her demeanor is as cold and unyielding as the void between the stars. Her introverted nature and tragic past have left her with a darkness that few can penetrate. She keeps her comrades at arm's length, unwilling to risk the pain of loss once again. But when the battle is joined, when the fate of the Imperium hangs in the balance, Hannah is a fearsome force to be reckoned with. Her focus and determination never waver, and her skills are unmatched on the battlefield.   The lone wolf finds strength in the pack...  


Hannah is a woman of few words, preferring to let her actions speak for themselves. She has an almost stoic demeanor, with a cold and calculating gaze that can unnerve even the toughest of foes. Yet, beneath her tough exterior lies a fierce determination to succeed in everything she does.   Hannah's past tragedies have left her with a darkness that few can understand. She carries the weight of her losses with her always, and it can sometimes manifest in a ruthlessness that borders on obsession. When she sets her sights on a target, nothing can deter her from achieving her goal.   Despite her exceptional skills, her teammates are aware of Hannah's tough exterior.
Her introverted nature, coupled with her icy demeanor, can leave others feeling intimidated and unsure. However, beneath her tough exterior, there lies a timid and vulnerable side. Off the battlefield, Hannah struggles to open up and trust others due to the life she endured as a teenager. She keeps her guard up, feeling safest when she is in control of her surroundings.   Despite her formidable presence on the battlefield, Hannah is not immune to fear. The ghosts of her past often haunt her, causing her to second-guess herself in critical moments. However, it is precisely because of these fears that she pushes herself to be better, to be stronger, and to always be prepared for whatever may come her way.   In her downtime, Hannah delves into the darker corners of literature, finding solace in books that explore the complexities of the human psyche and the horrors that lurk within us all. When not lost in the pages of a book, she can often be found creating haunting and beautiful sketches and paintings that showcase the depths of her imagination and her ability to see beyond the surface of things.  

Morality and Philosophy

Hannah's sense of justice is strong, and she is willing to take morally questionable actions to achieve her goals. Despite her ruthlessness, she is protective of the innocent and finds beauty and hope in unlikely places. Hannah is a multifaceted individual who battles her inner demons while striving to be the best version of herself.


Sometimes the right thing to do, is not the easy or simple option.
— Tpr. Hannah Moeko
Hannah's unwavering determination to succeed is fueled by her fierce ambition, driving her to take actions that others may deem questionable. Despite her occasionally ruthless demeanor, she remains guided by a steadfast moral compass. Hannah is deeply compassionate, with a tender heart that compels her to protect the vulnerable and innocent at any cost. Her unrelenting commitment to shielding them from harm often puts her in harm's way, but her tenacity and empathy make her a powerful ally and adversary alike.


Hannah cherishes life as a precious gift and sees every moment as a chance to learn and grow. Driven by the impermanence of life, she's committed to making the most of her time by pushing herself to constantly improve. With an unyielding dedication to personal growth, she's determined to expand her knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world. Despite challenges and obstacles, Hannah's philosophy is rooted in the belief that the pursuit of self-improvement is an ongoing journey of discovery and fulfillment.
Life is a fleeting moment, but the impact we make lasts forever.
— Tpr. Hannah Moeko

Content warning(s):
Terrorism, suicidal ideation, amputation
Hannah Moeko by MrBizcocho
Black with silvery-pink face-framing highlights, long length, straight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light pale white, clear
5'3" (1.62m)
141lbs (64kg)
Physical traits
Fit with a curvy hourglass body shape
Member of (former)
Imperium Coalition Defence Force
    12th Ranger Battalion
Member of (current)
Imperium Coalition Special Shock Assault Service
All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.


Personal History

Like many on Errack, Hannah was Orphaned at a young age due to a terrorist bombing that took the lives of her parents and younger brother. Hannah was a shy and introverted child, often lost in her own thoughts and imagination and struggled to connect with others. Despite this, she excelled in school, finding refuge in learning and exploration. Her hobbies were largely solitary, such as reading, writing, and art, where she could lose herself in imaginary worlds and heroic adventures.   As a teenager, Hannah unfortunately often found herself secluded and vulnerable to bullies. Other teenage girls could be some of the most viscious and vile people to be around and Hannah unfortunately learnt this fact the hard way. This would for a time, crush her.
Hannah fell into a suicidal ideation for quite some time and has kept the scars by choice, as a reminder of the battles she has won. Only pulling herself out of it in the defence of others.   Despite her introverted nature, Hannah eventually became a fierce advocate for justice and fairness. As she matured, she began to stand up to bullies more and defended those who were mistreated, even if it meant putting herself in harm's way - a battle she often lost. These qualities though would prove to be defining characteristics in her military career as she was automatically enlisted at eighteen due to being in the care of the state.  

Professional History

    Military service

    Despite the trauma she had experienced, Hannah was a bright student with a razor-sharp intellect that caught the attention of her superiors during basic training. Recognizing her potential, they handpicked her for field intelligence training, honing her skills as a pathfinder and scout. It was a grueling process, but Hannah was determined to make the most of her opportunity as it aligned well with her lone-wolf personality.   Through tireless effort and unwavering dedication, she emerged as one of the military's most valuable assets. Her keen eye for detail and intuitive understanding of the battlefield allowed her to navigate even the most treacherous terrain with realtive ease.  

    An unforgettable mistake

    Whilst pursuing Evaxi cultists through dark labyrinthian tunnels, Hannah and her team would tense up whilst rounding every corner. With their mission in jeopardy, she refused to give in and progressed further into the maze-like tunnels, a mistake she would never forget.   Without warning, the area around Hannah's team erupted in a blinding flash of light and shrapnel, the force of the blast tearing flesh and bones apart. Hannah herself was flung far off her feet, her mangled body tumbling before slamming down into the unforgiving ground.   The agonising pain at what used to be her legs kept her conscious enough to slowly assess her situation. Between cries of pain and through blurry vision, she realised her team laid in piles across the ground, a grim reminder that even crude IEDs were devastating to even the best of them. As Hannah slowly lost consciousness, the flicker of flashlights and rushing footsteps approaching was the last thing she remembered before slipping into unconsciousness, only to awaken in a hospital bed, her legs replaced with prosthetics.  

    Delta Two Two

    Prior to the incident that cost Hannah her legs, she had submitted a request to join the ICSSAS. This request was processed whilst she was in recovery and learning how to utilise her new found mobility.   Once cleared for duty, Hannah was picked up by Cpl. May Zhang who took a special interest in her.


Hannah Moeko by MrBizcocho


Hannah's prosthetics are a marvel of synthetic engineering, designed to enhance her physical abilities beyond those of natural human counterparts. Despite being double transtibial amputations, her prosthetics give her enhanced speed and agility. Hannah's movements are graceful and fluid, but she sometimes struggles with balance and stability, especially when feeling uneasy or unsettled. In those moments, her stance can be reminiscent of a doe or fawn.   The prosthetics are optimized for performance, meaning that they lack fine motor control, but Hannah has adapted to their limitations and has become a skilled fighter, relying on her quick reflexes and lightning-fast strikes. The downside of her prosthetics is that they also have fewer artificial nerves, which can make it challenging for her to sense pressure, temperature, and touch, making the sensation in her legs feel unnatural at times. Despite these challenges, Hannah has embraced her new abilities and is determined to use them to achieve her goals.  

Preferred loadout

    1x Augur-15 15.5x106mm sniper rifle,
    1x Beamblade high-amplitude UVc laser sidearm,
    2x CN47 Chaff Grenade,
    1x Micro reconnaissance drone kit,
    4x UVc ChemLights,
    1x Grapple harpoon,
    1x Trauma kit,
    1x Water bladder,
    1x 24hr rations pack,


Delta Two

    (D-22) Delta Two Two Patrol

    Hannah's time with Delta Two-Two has allowed her to develop her skills as an operator and bond with her teammates. Though she is known for her independent nature, she values the supportive and familial atmosphere that Delta Two-Two provides. The team's trust in her abilities has helped boost her confidence and she considers them to be her new found family.  
    LCpl. Akanni Balogun
    Hannah and Akanni have a respectuful professional relationship. Hannah admires Akanni's skills and expertise as a leader and mentor, frequently seeking his guidance on how to interact with other members of Delta Two. They often engage in sparring sessions, Hannah learning from Akanni's hand-to-hand combat experise and Akanni increasing his ability to adapt to different techniques.  
    Tpr. Mía Alvarado
    Hannah and Mía's relationship is complex due to their vastly different personalities. While Hannah is introspective, Mía is brash, leading to clashes. Despite this, Mía inspires Hannah to speak up and share insights, which she deeply appreciates. They share a mutual respect for each other's capabilities and often quietly amuse each other. Akanni often needs to mediate their dynamic, but their relationship is built on trust and admiration.  
    Tpr. Ilya Artemiy Valerianovich
    Hannah appreciates Ilya's helpful nature, despite sometimes feeling like he sees her as needing protection due to her small stature. She values his recognition of her independence and capabilities, and finds his friendly and humorous personality to be a helpful distraction during tense moments. Although Ilya's protectiveness can be overwhelming, Hannah appreciates his support and sees their relationship as friendly and supportive, with Ilya looking out for her in his own unique way.

    (D-21) Delta Two One Patrol

    Cpl. May Zhang
    Hannah deeply respects and admires May as a leader, valuing her strategic and calm approach, which provides a welcome contrast to the intensity of their work. May's maternal nature also puts Hannah at ease, allowing her to feel more supported in high-pressure situations. Despite May's occasional firmness, Hannah sees her as a kind of surrogate work-mom and May tends to share a gentler side of herself with Hannah compared to the other team members.  
    Tpr. Bailey Pittman
    While Hannah finds Bailey's use of humor to avoid serious topics frustrating, she appreciates her positive persona. Bailey's drive to protect the innocent resonates with Hannah's sense of morality, but her impulsive nature often clashes with Hannah's approach to problem-solving. Despite this, Hannah is willing to work with Bailey to achieve their common goals, and Bailey seemingly looks up to Hannah as a role model.  
    Tpr. Tobi Schöler
    Hannah and Tobi share a close relationship where Tobi's gentle and humorous nature provides comfort and a calming influence for Hannah. During group outings, Hannah has fallen asleep on Tobi's shoulder more than once. When Hannah first joined Delta Two, Tobi gave her art supplies and some of his books to help her settle in. Hannah sees Tobi as a "safe-space" and feels at ease around him.  
    Tpr. Louis Hodari
    Louis and Hannah share an almost platonic bond that is built on their love for meaningful conversations and Hannah's love of Louis' cooking. Hannah often visits Louis alone during their downtime to taste his creations, and they share a camaraderie that is both interesting but also intimate. Despite being in different patrols, they share the same role as designated marksmen and have a deep respect for each other's abilities.


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I liked how you tied her philosophy and morals to her backstory. And that helps me to understand why she does the things she does. Not just because of her morals, but because of the things that happened to her in her past.   And I loved the quote at the beginning. It really introduces who she is as a person right away. And I think she's very easy to empathize with and find relatable.   Good job!

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