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House of the Hollow Worm

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Step aside magot. Cross me, and my pets shall feast on your wretched flesh, turning your bones to fertilizer for The Great Maw's pit of decay. Your agony will be my symphony of malice.
— A Wormcaller chastises an Anguine
  In the depths of a desolate and decaying labyrinth, where the stench of fungus and rot intertwines, the House of the Hollow Worm lies, a sinister cult devoted to the insatiable deity Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony. Within its greasy tunnels, a feast of horrors awaits those who dare to venture into the embrace of The Great Maw.  

The Unquenchable Hunger

The legend of Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony, has spread like a plague throughout the land. Depicted as a grotesque mass of writhing flesh, The Great Devourer leaves none untouched by its influence. From humble peasants to mighty rulers, whispers of The Great Maw's power and ravenous desires infest every corner of society. The House of the Hollow Worm preaches the message of unyielding indulgence - a way of life that champions over-indulgence and over-consumption, whether it be of food, drink, or something far darker and more sinister.  

The Anguines of Gluttony

Within the ranks of the House of the Hollow Worm, an array of sinister figures pledge their allegiance to The Great Devourer. Among them are the Gastronicries, culinary sadists who revel in devising grotesque and opulent feasts. With twisted delight, they prepare meals that defy imagination, using ingredients sourced from the most vile and forbidden sources. Theirs is a morbid artistry, creating food that both sustains and corrupts the flesh of the cult's members.   Others in the cult include the Mawtenders, a group of ghastly healers and alchemists who concoct noxious elixirs, utilising forbidden knowledge to harness the power of decay and disease. They seek to push the boundaries of the mortal form, transforming their brethren into grotesque, twisted beings in an attempt to please The Great Devourer.   At the head of the cult stands the enigmatic figure known as the Helminth Augur. Cloaked in tattered robes that seem to shift like shadows themselves, the Helminth Augur is both feared and revered by the cult's followers. It is believed that this leader communicates directly with Boleth, interpreting its desires and will to the faithful.   Perhaps the most feared and revered of the cult's servants, the Wormcaller commands the disgusting hordes of creatures that dwell within the tunnels. For the cult's followers are not alone within their lair. Twisted and loathsome things, from bloated and pestilential beings that carry the marks of The Great Maw's favor, to ravenous worm-like entities that serve as guardians, the lair teems with a repulsive assortment of creatures.  

A Lair of Rotten Abundance

Hidden deep within the heart of a labyrinthine network of twisting, slimy tunnels, the cult's lair exists as a nightmarish reflection of the insatiable deity they worship. Flickering torches illuminate the passages, casting eerie shadows that dance along the walls, giving life to the grotesque carvings of worms and serpents that adorn them. The cult's symbol, an open maw, lined with jagged teeth and surrounded by twisted tentacles, is etched into every surface, a constant reminder of their devotion to The Great Devourer.  

    Rituals within

    In the heart of their lair, the cult conducts unspeakable rituals to appease Boleth. These ceremonies often involve nightmarish displays of gluttony and overindulgence, as well as offerings of foetid, decay-ridden flesh. The Helminth Augur orchestrates these rituals, invoking The Great Maw's name and leading the Anguines in their chants and grotesque performances. These ceremonies culminate in the grotesque consumption of living sacrifices, their agonised screams fueling the cult's connection with The Great Maw. The cultists believe that the stronger the sensation of agony and ecstasy during these rituals, the more potent their connection with their ravenous deity becomes.  

    Seeping corruption

    As the House of the Hollow Worm gains power and influence, the surrounding lands suffer from the consequences of their devotion. Famine and gluttony spread like a disease, driving once prosperous regions to the brink of collapse. The cult's followers, driven by their fanatical beliefs, wreak havoc on neighbouring settlements, seeking to bring more under the thrall of Boleth.
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Religious, Cult
Current Leader
Helminth Augur Merikh
Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony
Character | Dec 18, 2023
Forbidden ingredients, vile and obscene,
In morbid artistry, I craft cuisine.
Indulgence corrupts, my soul I sate,
In wicked embrace, I seal my fate.
  For The Great Maw's pleasure, we revel in sin,
In the dance of decay, our journey begins.
Through shadows we slither, our secrets we keep,
Like the darkest of caverns, our hunger runs deep.
— Gastronicrie's chant
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