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Helminth Augur (hel-minth aw-ger)

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The Nadirs know all your deepest desires, your true self, your true hungers.
Let not the words and teachings of mediocre men confuse and corrupt your conscience with their false promises.
Let The Great Maw into your mind, let them show you true ecstasy and power.
— Helminth Augur Merikh
  As the highest ranking member of the House of the Hollow Worm, the Helminth Augur acts as a shepherd to all Anguines - Apostles of Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony.   The title 'Helminth Augur' is a combination of two terms. Helminth, meaning 'worm' and Augur, meaning 'a priest who interprets the word of gods'. It is a great honour to be granted such a title and is extremely respected by the Anguines.  


The Helminth Augur organises and hosts ceremonies, rituals and sacrifices in honour of Boleth. Each Helminth Augur performs these tasks in the hopes of one day receiving a boon from the Nadir, to join their ranks and become a higher being. In addition to performing these tasks, the Helminth Augur often holds gatherings to preach to their kin. Directing them to perform tasks, reaffirm the beliefs of the Apostles, convince new recruits of their mission and drive engagement with the 'plan'.  


Ceremonies hosted by the Helminth Augur are often held late at night and are accompanied by a host of music and chanting. Such chanting and music is rhythmic and trance inducing, usually with whispered lyrics and guttural or intimidating vocables.   Ceremonies such as the 'ascendance' are hosted to reward Anguines and promote them to new rankings within the House of the Hollow Worm, recognising their achievements and granting them further power over their fellow Anguines.  


As the organisers and hosts of these rituals, the Helminth Augur ensures that all are participating in the correct manner.
Rituals are events such as; the 'marking' of a new Anquine, presenting offerings to Boleth, the 'feeding' - an en mass banquet, and the 'communion'.  


For the larger and more important sacrifices, the Helminth Augur has the responsibility of selecting the sacrifice and preparing it, or them, for the process.
Once selected, there is no method of which to avoid such a fate. Being selected for a sacrifice is regarded as an extremely lucky and fortunate role.

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