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The Basilisk Maze

The Basilisk Maze is a hidden underground network of stone tunnels and home to an ancient creature capable of petrifying a person to stone with just one look. The general entrance to the maze is kept in the midst of the Great Forest, South West of the Cytal continent.


Above the maze itself, the tall dark trees are planted rooted, hiding the entrance from any source of light. Somehow the already dark and dangerous forest feels even darker the closer you get to the location. Scattered on the ground is a twisted mess of the remains of lost souls trapped there by thorny chains and foliage cages.   If you are able to navigate all that, then there is a chance you will find a wide tunnel mouth. Decorated in a mossy curtain that starts a shallow decline deep beneath the forest. As you step further into the tunnel, the thick warm air is replaced with a cooler chill of a breeze seemingly from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. The cave get narrower and narrower until it is 3ft wide and 9ft tall, guiding you to a solid stone wall. As you approach, a soft blue and green glow emerges to illuminate the path in front of you.   The wall is now in clear view and showcases a symbol carved into the stone. The sign of Serapentus, Acuran of Serpents. This is the entrance to the maze, but without a clear door to walk through, you must find the correct words. Speak them loud and clear and the entrance will reveal itself to you. As you enter the mysterious new doorway, voices will begin to chant inside your mind. Warning you of the dangers inside, the Basilisk that slithers around With just one look it'll turn to stone, forever trapped inside its home.   The Magic Words
If using this location in a TTRPG scenario perhaps a riddle can be used to give players a chance to figure out the line - "I Smell Blood"
  Once inside the labrynth, you will be met with identical corridors and tunnels branching off in several directions. Sharp corners of the dark grey brick walls seem to be rounded off, as if worn out overtime by something large. As you walk around, you will find a number of interesting sights.   The first is large cracks and crumbling walls, just large enough for an average sized sorcerer to squeeze through. As you look inside one of these cracks, it only leads to complete darkness. Second, you will find the lanterns are positioned uniformally down every corridor. Burning the same coloured embers as the entrance. Finally, as you turn the corner, you may stumble into statues of pure white marble. Detailed carvings of Sorcerers and Alum with expressions of fear or shock.    

The Stone Serpent

The Basilisk, sometimes known as the Stone Serpent is a giant 30ft serpent that is trapped inside the maze for all eternity. The beast is slow, patient and quiet as it slithers through the tunnels and corridors of its underground prison.   With three short horns trailing from its head down its back and six smaller spines sticking out on its upper neck. Black fangs prutrude from its mouth and small geodes grow over its scales. The appearance of the serpent is enough for most to run in fear. But the most dangerous part of this monster is its gaze. A single red slit for a pupil, surrounded by blackened skin and scales. If you look directly into its eye, you will be petrified and immortalised as a marble statue.  
History books say that the stone serpent was killed long ago during the age of exploration during a drawn out war between the The Ivory Champions and Servants of Salamar. Whispers in the shadows talk about the servants and plans to resserect all fallen serpents in an attempt to bring back their leader, Serapentus.

The Victims:

Whilst the Basilisk has taken many lives over the years, it unintentionally created an intelligent species that has been able to outlive the giant serpent itself. The Marubell, orginally victims of the Basilisk, were saved by heroic Acurans during the Exploration Era. Using a combination of reviving spells and rituals, the heroes were able to bring life back to the marble statues and led them back to the safety of the surface. The Marubell have now spread across the continent, with many finding residency in cities such as Uwoll and Drovvin.
Alternative Name(s)
Marubell Birthplace
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
Location under
TG20 Statblock:
HP - 16
DS - 17
Brute - 2
Defence - 4
Petrify - Players must roll 20 to avoid being frozen in stone, the effect takes 3 rounds to solidify. The player has 3 attempts to roll a 20   Bite - 1d10, chance to cause bleeding   Slam - 1d10, chance to stun   *The Basilisk has 2 actions per turn

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