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Lady Wife Qish'tallel (a.k.a. Plumed Witch)

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Yellow spotted tattoos painted over her cheek bones

Special abilities

It is rumoured that she was the first person to practice salt spells inside Sangsalgu. To what exact extent, however, is uncertain.

Apparel & Accessories

Over a hundred years after her death, she was posthumously titled the Plumed Witch. But in her time, she was simply the Plumed Lady, for the extravagant feathers she wore. Most notable was a dress of green quetzal feathers tied together with gold and silver scales over her shoulder and impeccable drake plumes around her waist.

Mental characteristics


Salt School

It had always been kept as a secret to her contemporaries. Qish'tallel, herself, might have wanted to integrate herself as seamlessly as possible. Her father may have wanted her to hold it as a hidden talent should she need to. And (honestly) Uetzcayotl might have desired being apart of the secrecy, as much seeking an alliance.   While the Brine Marshes are the rightful source of salt spells as a discipline, Mist also develops unique spells through their own Tetlachihuiani. And given the territorial successes of the Lord she went to serve, it is highly conceivable that she may have had prolonged exposure to their teachings.


King Krix, her father, built an ever expanding realm and employed members of his family in its governance. Qish was schooled in regional administration since she was five and able competently administer a joint grape/mace estate at 14 for two years.   She would later be sent as a part of a non-military advisory team by her father to a Mist warlord who bordered the Mirror Breath and promised favorable trade relations if the King helped in spurring the warlord's economy. The purpose of her going was to determine the feasibility of establishing a mace rearing program for the Mist Men. Somehow, she wound up managing the warlord's finances and was not allowed to leave when she was called back.   It became somewhat clear to King Krix's council when a message was delivered to the King announcing the union of his daughter and a warlord's son. This was initially met with confusion as there was no indication of any such planned marriage which made people think that the King was merely saving face after a theft of his daughter. Eventually, though, an older Qish would flee back to Krix with her husband, son, daughter and the coffers of her slain father-in-law.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Second Marriage to Uetzcayotl

It was not unheard of, even expected, for widowed women in Salt Side to remarry. But it was unusual for a Sang leader to marry widows; mistress, yes, but not marry. All the same, Uetzcayotl was taken with Qish's wiles on one visit to Krix and was determined to have her. Understandably, the king was slow to respond as Qish played a critical part of his current administration and did not want to simply hand over such talent to a potential rival.   Uetzcayotl, for his part, assumed it was a negotiation tactic which he had seen hundreds of times before. But was stymied and perplexed by the king when he rejected dowries that were above the average bride price.
She brings me more revenue with her talents alone than what you are offering.
And her talents resolved the impasse.   She convinced her father to propose an exchange rate in trade that favoured Krix and would be far more profitable in the long run, instead of a typical lump sum. Uetzcayotl agreed and carried her back to his palace to be married there. Qish'tallel was made to leave the children from her first marriage in Krix though Uetzcayotl did not deny their continuous communications and allowed for the occasional visit. She would live with him for twenty years with her sister wives and bear him a son and two daughters.  

Leading a Civil War

The only observable actions Qish'tallel undertook during the Women's War was during the period of fighting in the Sacred Precinct where Uetzcayotl's widowed wives fought each other for fear of their own children who were trapped with them.   Numbers aren't everything in battle, but they do help. And Qish had more men as part of her guard than any one rival wife. Even more than the garrison commanded by the advisory council, it would seem, since they were being rushed out to reinforce the front. We cannot be confident in Qish's account since her word on what transpired is the only one we have.   But afterwards, the plumed lady forbade anyone from entering and leaving the Precinct and made a series of brilliant diplomatic moves that greatly reduced the number of enemies hammering at them. Only then, did she command her forces to retake the southern champas and reassert control on the causeway siege and reach a peaceable accord with Ocumtit.
Women's War
Military Conflict | Dec 17, 2020

Personality Characteristics


Desires to emulate her father in state building and contribute to the inclusion of the sang network.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Politically astute, thinks on the fly and leverage any opportunity to her benefit.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Circumstances of Death
Unexpectedly via Matlazahuatl
Krix Kingdom
Shade of amber and brown, round
Shoulder length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light tan-green
6' 7"
Quotes & Catchphrases
If I have so many enemies, then it's no different than having one.
Aligned Organization
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