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Fungal Groves

Purpose / Function

Housed in the deepest, reachable depths of the cities' caverns are grown a rich assortment of mushrooms, mosses, molds, certain nuts, creeping figs, sweet worms and other species that grow well in the damp dark for purposes of local consumption.


Blood Openings

There are innumerable entrances into the mountain blood called Blood Openings. Closer to the peaks and mouths, the openings suck the cold winds in that make habitation better suitable to people. Though the largest openings are extremely well mapped and consist of several levels, the deeper one goes into the bowels the less certain anyone can be of where they are.

Sensory & Appearance


There is greater exposure to the cold winds where the caves open over the Cold Swamp.


Buckets of bioluminescent algae imported from the beaches give off a soft blue glow to light the way for workers.


Most of the cave walls are made of hot-rocks.   It would generally be unbearably hot the deeper one goes, but with cold from the winds combine into a warm and humid conditions ideal for mold growth.


Fermenters, tenders and harvesters are trained and employed by the 'Mothers' and 'Fathers' on the Step. Not all the fungi found in the Blood grow wild. Great care is taken to accommodate the needs of different species while minimizing cross contamination.

Contents & Furnishings

Brass Drums

The caves and tunnels that house the groves reach so deep that communicating between workers is the most time consuming part of management.  
A clever solution for bosses at the front announcing instructions for those further away is a system of large cylindrical soundboxes that bounce sounds deeper into the bowels of the tunnels without over exerting themselves


A large class of mold, fungi and parasites thrive in the groves in and under the caverns that provide medicinal value in treating diseases, birth control, bodily enhancements, ailments and in fashioning special casts for physical injury.   But what makes these groves truly valuable is that in them are grown a species of fungi that is used to manufacture fungal fabrics that are water resistant, thermally insulating, rubber/leather-like, and light weight.


A hexis is an invisible fog that is known to pass over various landscapes and influence the uptake in local teotl for plants and animals.   As a result, the medical effects of certain plants are said to improve or have additional effects when under hexes. As it would happen, the potency of certain molds also rises in areas where they can feasibly grow.
Vineyard / Orchard
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
Modifications to the tunnels have expanded the comfort zone for continued human presence.
Compartment of Vehicle
Owning Organization
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Winter Picking
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 10, 2021
Hue Headless
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