Five Knights

Composite of second-year students, the Five Knights are a group of highly-skilled students which have bonded during their first year. Infamous for causing trouble and upheaval, they are disdained by many of their peers, yet with great friendliness by others. So far, it seems they are acting like a catalyst in bullying cases, driving things to a head instead of leaving them simmering.   The pivotal figure in the formation of the Five Knights is Random Chenag, who either came to the aid of other members or simply joined in on their troublemaking. Now that they have come together, they interact freely. The group is beginning to attract various other students, which often hang out with them.   The Board lays out Personality layouts for every new student, though for the primary personality card they draw from the entire deck, not only from the Majors. Extra care is taken for anyone with a Major Arcana card for their primary personality. All Five Knights have a Major, and so do many of the people that are being attracted to their group.   What both the Principal and the Board have noticed, is that the Five Knights are greatly impacting others. People blocked from their true potential, have begun to flourish with their aid. In some cases, the Five Knights had even more impact, leading to altered personality layouts. Given how four out of the five had identical layouts on repeated draw, yet Random's primary card altered, the judgement has been made that his true card is The Fool and that he somehow is sabotaging attempts to read him.
5 Second-Year Students
Ability Estimate
Widespread & highly skilled
Special allies
  • Maera Red
  • Lord Clarke
  • Jack Marsters

NameCard LayoutEvaluation
Random Chenag The Fool Fights with animal instinct, wide spread of public and covert abilities, malicious mastermind personality.
Alexander The Emperor A brutal fighter without restraint, who only holds back against bullies because Random holds him back.
Lady Idalia The Sun A bright personality, shattered yet gathered together again. The person holding everyone together.
Diane Arachna The Magician An enthousiastic troublemaker obsessed with duels, who responds to slights with eager force.
James Corey The High Priestess A timid worrywart with poor social skills, who now is slowly coming out of his shell and developing well.


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4 Jan, 2021 00:02

They sound like their dynamics would be interesting to witness. I like how they are affecting others around them too.

5 Jan, 2021 08:40

The way I'm going to structure telling the story will be real tough, haven't decided how to best handle the 'flashbacks' yet, but yeah, the impact the Five Knights have on the other students is the central part of the story. And this worldbuilding really helps me give more flesh to the meat in advance.

21 Feb, 2021 12:05

Since the Knights have such a strong influence on other students, have there been occurences when a Major personality card was changed (if that is even possible)? Also have many students been led astray by Random? I mean he does sound like a Loki/Trickster type of figure.   Always happy to read about a Fool or a Trickster. ^^

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
21 Feb, 2021 13:03

I haven't gone in enough detail yet to see if a Major flips, but it's possible that they end up impacting someone like that. As for leading astray: Provoking someone beyond self-control, exposing the depths of their true nature, that yes. The others it's more luring them towards shedding their restraints and on a path to selfimprovement.