James Corey

James is a second-year male student and twenty years old, as of the start of the 4118-4119 Academical Year. His skills at manipulating plantlife are unrivaled among his peers, though his timid personality can block him from showing it. He also is well-read, scoring excellent grades in any theoretical classes. But his social skills leave a lot to be desired.   Enrolled as nobility in 4117 WE, James Corey is generally known as one of the Five Knights. He is very shy, spending almost all his time hanging around either Random Chenag or Lady Idalia. Random likes to help James train his Tarot skills, while Idalia often accompanies him to the Library, where both read in utmost silence. They use sign language to communicate without a sound, though the occasional use of profanity makes it hard for them to hold in their laughter.   Due to his timid personality, James was sent to The Academy a year after the minimum age. It took months for them to decide not to send him initially, and months more to decide to send him later on. Their concern was that a hostile environment at the Academy could cause a lot of damage to him.   Fortunately, while James did initially take witnessing bullying very badly, this all changed for the better once Random came to his aid. He is still timid, and still a worrywart, but he is slowly learning to let things go. And in the rare cases he finds himself incapable of doing so, Diane Arachna and Alexander often take care of the situation.   James is highly talented at manipulating plantlife. Due to his frequent training with his compatriots, James his skills outside his own Suit have also grown significantly. He has been integrating them into his primary skills, allowing him to materialize rosebush barriers and even use them as weapons. While his stage fright still keeps him from showing his skills in public, the teaching staff has good faith that if his personality strengthens, he can truly become someone to be reckoned with.
Real Name
James Corey
Type of Student
Noble, Man
Enrolment Year
4117 WE
Current Age
Ability Estimate
Master of Thorns, The High Priestess
Personality Estimate
Timid worrywart

Five Knights


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Grandmaster Teyvill
Andrew Belenkiy
31 Dec, 2020 14:13

A shy knight is the best type of knight for stories. Also, the character shares the name with one of my favorite sci-fi writers xD

1 Jan, 2021 00:06

I like the sound of James - the conjuring of rose bush walls gives me a very vivid image! :)

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
10 Jan, 2021 03:34

Nice work! I wonder what James' relationship with his family is? Do they accept his shyness and encourage him, or do they find it tedious or frustrating? I also wonder what he looks like. He sounds like an interesting character, primarily by his plant-life manipulating talents and his ability to use sign language :)

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot