Diane Arachna

Diane is a second-year female student and nineteen years old, as of the start of the 4118-4119 Academical Year. She excels in strong willpower and fire abilities, to the point where she can walk around as a human torch on her way to Tarot Duel classes. She cares little for classes she considers boring, yet gives exciting classes her all.   Enrolled as nobility in 4117 WE, Diane Arachna is generally known as one of the Five Knights. Unlike most of her compatriots, she doesn't consider Random at all when it comes to her own training. Instead, she is constantly competing with Eira Olwen, to the point that teachers have kept an eye out to make sure it doesn't cross into harassment.   Diane is a troublemaker, caring little for rules or punishments. Whereas Random carefully weighs his actions, Diane simply rushes in when she feels like it. The only reason she's not constantly causing trouble, is that she too considers it partially people's own responsibility. Instead, she will push them, hard, to stand up for themselves, which has caused a violent lashback at bullies thrice so far.   Had her family not submitted her for education at The Academy, or had her country resisted, she would have been recruited instead. While her family may keep it a secret, it is clear to the Board that Diane controls her family's namesake abilities of webweaving, infamous for being able to paralyze people and seal their access to Tarot Abilities.   Some teachers have voiced concerns about two of the same year's troublemakers being so tightly-clad. Others consider it easier for them to stick together, meaning any observers have to less split their focus. If these two were ever to snap, it'd be easiest if they snap together. An added bonus is that they're feared by some bullying nobles, which causes said nobles to hold back a bit.
Real Name
Diane Arachna
Type of Student
Noble, Woman
Enrolment Year
4117 WE
Current Age
Ability Estimate
Master of Flames, The Magician
Personality Estimate
Severe Troublemaker

Five Knights


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31 Dec, 2020 22:53

Oooo, ' infamous for being able to paralyze people and seal their access to Tarot Abilities.' This sounds like a really interesting power.

Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
10 Jan, 2021 03:36

She seems like an interesting student too - a real wildcard. I don't know much about your world, but the hints about how magic is used intrigues me!

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