The Magician

Personality Cards

Essence: The Magician. Personal power. Creativity. Manipulation. Initiative.
Negative Trait: Queen of Staves. Support.
Neutral Trait: 5 of Swords. Strife.
Positive Trait: 7 of Cups. Debauch.   As a Magician, developing one's own skills is extremely important. To take the lead, not follow, and have the strength available to do so. Yet this person takes this too far, insisting that people learn to stand up for themselves. Rather than gently aid people, they push them to stand up and fight instead. When targeted themself, they will not show any form of restraint, eager to retaliate with full force.   This unwillingness to stand by may come forth from, or be the cause of, this person not caring about consequences. Conflicts, grudges, enemies are all irrelevant, they care not for the results of strife. All that matters is developing one's own powers and mental fortitude. They never look back at all.   This person takes pleasure from exercising one's power, not over someone but in fair conflict. To duel, to compare, to struggle against a wall and break through it, is what they enjoy. And at the same time, they love it when others manage the same, and will gladly train with them to help achieve that.
Diane Arachna
Type of Student
Noble, Woman
Ability Estimate
Master of Flames, Magician
Personality Estimate
Severe Troublemaker

Value of the Card

The Magician is, even moreso than The Empress and The Emperor, considered by Tarot Lore to be the ultimate card for a ruler. Where the other two cards are great for leading a country and keeping the status quo, the Magician is about developing further. A small kingdom that rises to the occasion and manages to greatly grow under a single ruler, is exactly the kind of scenario Tarot Lore followers attribute to a Magician monarch.


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Interesting how this card is often associated with leaders! :)

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