The Emperor

Personality Cards

Essence: The Emperor. Authority. Discipline. Egocentrism. Experience. Inflexibility.
Negative Trait: 2 of Pentacles. Peace.
Neutral Trait: 6 of Cups. Pleasure.
Positive Trait: The Stars. Calmness. Trust. Pure Essence. Hope. Renewal of Forces.   The Emperor is about radiating authority in everything they do. They are experienced and disciplined, yet inflexible at times. A harsh ruler, whose approach in this case means peace is not an option. This person does not maintain proper peace with their acts, instead their inflexibility will always get in the way of a peaceful resolution.   It is the conflict that this causes, that drives this person. They fight, and from the fighting itself they take pleasure. Whether it is their own limits they fight against, or chains inflicted by others, they will fight, not struggle, and enjoy the things they do. This in itself makes them a dangerous beast to face.   Yet they are calm, and their very acts bring hope. A card layout that brings shivers to spines, because a Major Arcana card has snuck in to where a Minor should have been drawn. While it is easy to mark this as a mistake, in truth it shows both the importance of this person and what keeps them standing. They fight to bring hope to others, a wild beast that protects by doing what they do best.
Type of Student
Recruit, Man
Ability Estimate
Master of Blades, Emperor
Personality Estimate
A beast on a chain

Value of the Card

The Emperor is one of the cards considered best for leading a country. An Emperor is best at protecting the status quo by laying down discipline, taking down the malignant people that would dare endanger the country. This is a dualsided card, however, for their inflexibility may easily escalate some disturbances. An Emperor will not bend, even if not to bend means breaking instead.


Author's Notes

Yes, that's a Major instead of a Minor as a personality trait. There is a reason for that: A deck has a total of 22+56=78 cards, which allows for 19 people. But for 19 people, you need 57 Minors. As such, I added a single Major to the Minors, when I shuffled then exhausted the entire deck to lay out 19 personalities. It is quite fitting, because while Random might be a crucial pivot of the story, it is Alexander who is essential for Random's plans. His role exceeds the limits of the cards, and it is Random that pushes him for that.

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'A beast on a chain' - that says a lot. The Emperor sounds like a very interesting card.

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