Alexander is a second-year male student and eighteen years old, as of the start of the 4118-4119 Academical Year. A brusque personality, he cares little for social niceties. Yet he does well at his theoretical classes, as if it's just a tool he needs to master. As for practical classes, his skills are excellent and he holds back against no-one, to great pleasure of the combat teachers.   Recruited in 4117 WE in Hailov, Alexander has the most rabid of all personalities of the Five Knights. Whereas Random Chenag may act malicious, and Diane Arachna loves to bring the fight to others, Alexander is brutal when he acts in rage. Staff suspects Random is the only thing holding him back.   Alexander's recruiting story is classified and a mystery. Where he came from, and his full name, are completely unknown. He has also declined all suggested pseudonyms, especially the surname Black. Random tends to call him either 'Sasha' or 'my dearest Black', something none other dare to do. Even Maera Red, who was recruited alongside him and often is by his side, simply calls him Alexander.   Alexander was technically too young to enroll, but his recruiter insisted he was enrolled together with the other two. The reason formally being "without them he is a rabid beast, with them he is a rabid beast on a leash that might actually be domesticated". The official response to repeated teacher complaints is "given how he doesn't know his actual birthdate, we just assume he got it wrong".   Currently, Random appears to be training Alexander both socially and physically. Staff suspects Random is grooming Alexander to become Blade Master, a great concern to many. The social training does seem to work, as the wild beast is now hidden behind a nice-looking collar of good behaviour. Staff that knows better, fervently hopes Random will never let him off his leash.
Real Name (Nickname)
Alexander (Sasha)
Type of Student
Recruit, Man
Enrolment Year
4117 WE
Current Age
Ability Estimate
Master of Blades, The Emperor
Personality Estimate
A beast on a chain

Five Knights


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It sounds as though it's a good thing that he has friends (especially Random) to keep him in check!

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