Random Chenag

Random is a second-year male student and nineteen years old, as of the start of the 4118-4119 Academical Year. His skills and knowledge are excellent, which he disguises by deliberately making mistakes at his tests and by getting sanctioned for acting out of line. He flaunts this to teachers aware of it, yet hides it from teachers unaware of his potential.   Recruited in 4117 WE in Hailov, Random Chenag is generally known as one of the Five Knights. Where his four main compatriots are all extremely talented in one of the four Tarot Suits, his talents are spread around more. In return, he is constantly driving them forward by always being just a few steps behind.   A massive troublemaker, Random has occasionally interfered in bullying cases by nobility, causing things to spiral out of control. As a result, whenever he intervened, Academy staff was forced to intervene. Especially grievous was the case where he pretended to have become a Wild One, requiring the Principal to personally interfere. His victims still are traumatized by the event.   Random's recruiting story, along that of Alexander and Maera Red, is not only classified but also barely written down. The identity of his Recruiter is also kept off the records, so none can pressure them into revealing more details. This also is why said recruiter has not been reprimanded for the bad pseudonyms (Random Change, Admirer).   Currently, Random's primary focus is sparring with Alexander. Staff suspects the two are aiming for the Blade Master selections. The two have requested permission to perform a duel in the Battle Arena in the late afternoon of opening day. This permission has been foolishly granted by their teacher. The Principal has ordered several Arena Supervisors to stand ready during this duel, as complications are expected.
Pseudonym (Real Name)
Random Chenag (Unknown)
Type of Student
Recruit, Man
Recruitment Year
4117 WE
Current Age
Ability Estimate
Jack of all Trades, The Fool
Personality Estimate
Severe Troublemaker

Five Knights
  • Never uses contractions
  • Calls many people by self-invented nicknames


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31 Dec, 2020 12:12

He definitely sounds like a troublemaker! I can see why complications are expected.

31 Dec, 2020 12:50

Gives me plenty of trouble as author too... -,-