Wild Ones

A Tarot user may lose control over their own abilities in many ways. A Healer may exhaust themself to death, or lose control and accidentally cause themself fatal injuries. Stress or exhaustion may also lead to mistakes made when wielding elemental forces, summoning blades, or augmenting one's own body. A wicked mind may accidentally turn themself into a monster. All of these can harm the user and others in many different ways. But none are as frightful and dangerous as when a Tarot user goes Wild.   The term 'Wild' is a completely wrong label. A Wild One is not, as one might suspect, some form of rabid animal, foaming at the mouth. They often are, however, vicious killers, with an extremely calculated mindset. In some ways, going Wild could be compared to the ultimate form of the first Mental Control level, and has a few similarities to victims of the Mindless Voice ability.   A Tarot user can go Wild when pressured too far, when they descend into madness, where every form of restraint they know breaks and they no longer care to hold back. This is not someone coldblooded willing to kill to get what they want, nor someone so hurt that they lash out. It is someone who has snapped, permanently, without any cure possible. They are considered lost causes, where even imprisonment is too dangerous. This is why realising someone is near breaking, is so very important.   A Wild One is cold, calculated. They do not act in rage, nor hatred. All they care about is taking down their enemies. Any form of restraint is gone, so they will be using their abilities at utmost efficiency. In ways they are admirable, as they showcase an ultimate form of fighting. They will strategize their fights, which might involve crippling some opponents while immediately killing others. Their moves are hard to predict, but each one is executed with utmost precision.   After their initial breaking point, nobody knows what a Wild One will do. They may commit suicide, go off after other targets from their past, or just disappear. But they always remain a threat, and as such must be eliminated as soon as possible. The only upside is that their very existence helps hold back the most severe forms of abuse against Tarot users, both in and outside The Academy.


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