The Fool

Personality Cards

Essence: The Fool. Potential, No Limits, Beginning.
Negative Trait: 10 of Pentacles. Ruin.
Neutral Trait: 10 of Swords. Oppression.
Positive Trait: 7 of Staves. Failure.   Where Aces are the root of their respective Suits, The Fool is the root of all Majors. A Fool is a pivot point, an individual that is strongest when they combine with others. But it is this person's impact on others that makes their interference cause ruin. For them to step into a situation, is to permanently break things. Whether said things should have been broken, none can say for sure.   Perhaps because of these consequences, this person stands back when facing oppression, rarely coming to people's aid. To them, it is important others learn to stand up for themselves. It is okay for people to fail, since failure is nothing but a learning experience. In this person's mind, it is better to fail time and time again, than to have never tried at all.   This person isn't a frontline fighter. They will hold back, observe, give guidance. Their direct action gives birth to destruction, so they lean back and let others act instead. People need to develop their potential, not be handheld into things. Only if that potential is under threat of ending, will this person act directly.
Random Chenag
Type of Student
Recruit, Man
Ability Estimate
Jack of all Trades, Fool
Personality Estimate
Severe Troublemaker

Value of the Card

Tarot Lore followers often assume important historical figures were Fools, including the first principal of The Academy. The same claim is made about High Priest Caden the Vigilant, writer of the Scrolls of the High Priest. These claims are impossible to validate, though. Nobles that have Tarot Cards laid, may humbly brag about a child who has a Fool card laid for them. However, the most-skilled soothsayers almost never draw the Fool, a testament to their skills.


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31 Dec, 2020 01:34

Is a tarot card for a person like choosing a spirit animal or is it more like a star sign? I probably missed something in the lore of your world that explains it. XD   The Fool sounds like an interesting card. I really like the personality traits associated with it, especially the idea that they 'break' everything they come into contact with.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
31 Dec, 2020 08:16

To be precise: I took a deck and laid personality traits for a total of 19 personality spreads, until I ran out of cards. Then I started looking at them and checking who they were from characters I already had in mind. The Fool was the only decided-upon character initially, and his traits fit quite nicely with his intended story-arc. While the spreads are explained in gender-neutral terms, these personality spreads are for specific people, not everyone of that card.   As for in-universe, some nobility are superstitious enough to lay down the cards, as explained in the Tarot Cards article. A personality prediction for a new-born (or someone you met and want to know more of) will include 1 Major for the overall personality, and 3 Minors for the personality traits. There are some that can lay them with help from being in-touch with the cards and whatnot, where the cards will actually be accurate. And yes, there's going to be a few characters capable of reliably laying the cards. Can't wait for one of them to realise that these people all have distinct cards for their personalities.

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