Scrolls of the High Priest

The Scrolls of the High Priest are a set of religious Commandments covering Tarot Abilities, which were written by High Priest Caden the Vigilant. These Commandments have been made law by all continental nations. The Academy also strictly follows the Commandments.   Caden was born in 3686 WE, became High Priest in 3729 WE, abdicated in 3767 WE, and passed away in 3780 WE. It is not known when exactly he wrote the scrolls, for their existence only became publicly known in 3797 WE. No records have been found as to its origin and initial usage, due to the church only sharing the contents amongst the highest-ranked priests.   While the scrolls were initially kept secret, over three centuries since their reveal they still heavily influence society. Their contents are leading for the treatment of Tarot users and their ability usage. The church and all nations stand united on following the Commandments in the scrolls, coming down heavily on any country that decides to defy them. Rising continental tension has started putting pressure on this unified front, but for now all still fall in line.


Before the Scrolls, there was no official rule for how to treat Tarot users. The church publicly denied its existence, and when a Tarot user was discovered by a priest, their response varied and so did their justification. The scrolls was to unify the way the church dealt with Tarot. Furthermore, with these standards in hand, it is believed the church began to covertly pressure noble families into following the Commandments.

Document Structure


Each Scroll is a single Commandment, followed by lengthy explanation and justification. Because of the justification that ties the decisions to older church lore, only a small number of priests have gone against their contents in the past. These priests also were officially admonished for it later on, when their own justification did not stand up to scrutiny.

Publication Status

Initially, from their inception to the public exposure, the scrolls were kept completely clandestine. While high-ranking members of the Church were informed of its contents, this was done verbally or in private. This began to change when their contents were leaked to the public in 3797 WE. Since 3803 WE, copies of the scrolls are publicly viewable in Capital Courthouses. Reproductions are used in higher forms of education, and made available to any priest that wishes to educate local residents.

Legal status

The rules under which Tarot users are to be Marked, or executed, are followed by all nations, as well as by The Academy. All participating have acknowledged this formally, wrote them into law, and renew their vow every five years. This is done in public ceremonies.

Historical Details


Before the publishing of the scrolls, Tarot users were met with both fear and admiration. This led to occasional prosecution, to the point that sometimes even children were murdered. As a result, even in nations where it was known some people were capable Tarot users, they still held back their usage. Even in times of war, it took great danger before a Tarot user would dare use their abilities.   The published Scrolls of the High Priest, and their official acknowledging Tarot abilities, greatly changed how society treated Tarot users. With the Academy directly officially adopting the Commandments, and nations soon doing the same as official law, public perception began to change. Knowing there were consequences, which even nobles faced, caused Tarot users to be less feared and more accepted.   In the years after, noble families dared to admit they had Tarot users amongst their own. They eagerly sent their younger members to The Academy, and started supporting educational programs and competing academies. Nowadays, Tarot users do not have to fear for their lives, nor for being exploited, when their talents are discovered. Instead, they are provided education and training.   Additionally, with Tarot abilities no longer being a secret, research and documentation heavily improved. Academical knowledge has heavily increased, and skill levels are still improving. Without the publication of the scrolls, it is believed none of the reaped benefits would have existed.
Decree, Religious
Authoring Date
Between 3729 WE and 3767 WE
Ratification Date
3798 WE


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6 Dec, 2020 02:25

I love the list of commandments - I particularly like the last one. I'm not sure why that one intrigues me so much. I guess you could have a never-ending chain of people deserving to be executed that way.   Really fascinating history too - I'm glad the commandments helped tarot users be a little less persecuted.

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Cheers! Yeah, need some proper incentive for people to behave after all... It's also why 'make sure they can't prove it' is very important when Tarot abilities are actually used to take people out, because authorities knowingly protecting you are putting themselves at risk. As a sidenote: There are two abilities I already have in my head that impact a person's will, but one of them is considered to fall under the Fifth Commandment, and the other is very insidious and might or might not fall under the Seventh Commandment.