Lady Idalia

Lady Idalia is a second-year female student and nineteen years old, as of the start of the 4118-4119 Academical Year. She is well-rounded in her skills, though her barrier skills are by far the best, being able to call them forth by instinct. Her overall academical and practical skills are among the best of her year.   Enrolled as high nobility in 4117 WE, Lady Idalia is a member of the Five Knights, though the most passive one of all of them. She is not involved in any trouble other members create, instead she is essentially the one they return to after they managed their mischief. Most likely she also is the primary reason they hold back some of their punches.   The primary heir of city-state Sagia, renowned for its scholars and libraries, Lady Idalia was engaged to Lord Curtis of Thules in 4114 WE, when she was fifteen and he was sixteen. However, Curtis spent his first year at The Academy seducing many women, a habit he only barely covered up after Idalia enrolled.   While Idalia acted as if she did not realise, and none dared to tell her, her grades began to slip over time. She rebuffed teacher concerns, and the charade continued until Random Chenag publicly exposed Lord Curtis's infidelity. Some events later, Lord Curtis withdrew as student from the Academy and the engagement was broken.   While the events broke Idalia's heart, with help from Random and Diane Arachna her smile recovered over time. Seeing how she is much happier now, many nobles and high nobles have begun to change their minds regarding covering up infidelity. Though the impossible love between her and Random now weighs on various minds instead.
Real Name
Lady Idalia
Type of Student
High Noble, Woman
Enrolment Year
4117 WE
Current Age
Ability Estimate
Master of Barriers, The Sun
Personality Estimate
Too kind for her own good

Five Knights


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3 Jan, 2021 01:43

Aww, poor Idalia. :( I'm glad that Random exposed Lord Curtis and the engagement was broken off.