The Sun

Personality Cards

Essence: The Sun. Optimism. Innocence. Splendor. Enlightenment. Brilliance.
Negative Trait: Jack of Swords. Guardian.
Neutral Trait: 8 of Staves. Prudence.
Positive Trait: Jack of Pentacles. Guardian.   The Sun is a ray of light that will guide those in darkness, aiding them, enlightening them. They can be people's motivation, the one that leads them and gives them a reason to both fight and to not go too far. But for this person, their optimism may hold them back, because at times one must use force against people, which they have a hard time doing.   This person stands in the middle of offense, their position in life always being tied to it, both physical and mental. Perhaps this, combined with their own optimism, is why they are very cautious. At times this is good, to first observe before acting. At other times, cautiousness must be thrown into the wind.   While this person may have a hard time with situations where physical force is required, they do well at mental force. Their very existence and support of others is what gives people the strength to fight, not with swords but with words and acts, to go on the offense and change the world.
Lady Idalia
Type of Student
High Noble, Woman
Ability Estimate
Master of Barriers, Sun
Personality Estimate
Too kind for her own good

Value of the Card

The Sun is a beacon that can take many shapes. They can be the brilliant leader in combat, that helps their troops keep hope. They can be someone others will gladly make their hands dirty for. Or they can lead academics to develop great new insight. They shine brightly and will bring forth great acts by leading others. Yet that expectation can break them, so it is both a marvelous and a treacherous card to be dealt.


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3 Jan, 2021 01:41

The Sun sounds like both a wonderful card, and also a LOT of pressure for a person.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!