The High Priestess

Personality Cards

Essence: The High Priestess. Non-action. Deep understanding. Unconscious knowledge. Contemplation.
Negative Trait: King of Staves. Control.
Neutral Trait: 3 of Staves. Work.
Positive Trait: 4 of Swords. Completion.   The High Priestess ponders rather than acts. They aim to know and understand. But they have a hard time understanding other people, paralyzing instead of defending themself. They take the abuse that comes their way, due to not being able to find the best way to protect themself.   Skilled at what they do, understanding all kinds of fine details, they do the work needed of them. But when it comes to the human aspect, they freeze up. Wondering whether they are missing anything, their progress stagnates and they may leave things unfinished as a result.   Yet when they manage to get through that wall, either by themself or with aid from others, the result is far better than haphazard handling. With their personality built around not acting but understanding, when this understanding finally reaches to an act, the results are marvelous.
James Corey
Type of Student
Noble, Man
Ability Estimate
Master of Thorns, Priestess
Personality Estimate
Timid worrywart

Value of the Card

The High Priestess is the perfect card for a scholar. The focus on understanding, multiplying knowledge and wisdom, can make them a highly sought-after commodity, as a great mind that can be put to work. Yet their weakness is non-action, making them unfit to be put in a position where they need to make decisions. Keeping them away from politics and taking care of their needs, is the best way to profit from their hard work.


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