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Story: When the Shadows Came

Huddle close, children, as I unravel a tale from the era long forgotten, of the days when the Hazrad were not lords of Autumna but a humble tribe known as the Solus. This tale is of their audacious struggle against the Shadow-Terrors of the Cosmos, the Voidborn. The details might have been muddled by the sands of time, but the heart of the tale, the essence of bravery and resilience, remains untouched.   Once, the Voidborn, nightmarish entities birthed from the cosmic abyss, descended upon our world, Autumna. They were harbingers of chaos and desolation, casting a shroud of fear that threatened to extinguish the spirit of our land.   The mighty empires of Autumna braced themselves against this alien onslaught. Among them, the Solus Tribe, considered too humble, too pacifistic, were scarcely deemed capable of any significant resistance. Alas, how misguided our perceptions were.   The Solus, when met with the monstrous Voidborn, did not falter. They cast away their peaceful veneer, revealing a dormant warrior spirit beneath their pastoral existence. This transformation was a beacon of hope, the farmers and craftsmen metamorphosed into valiant defenders of their homeland.   The Voidborn brought havoc and destruction, leaving indelible scars on our world. Yet, the Solus did not waver. When their peaceful settlement was under siege, they retaliated not with fear, but with unwavering defiance. Their fury was a maelstrom, a testament to the flame of resistance that had quietly nurtured within them. They defended their home, their land, and all of Autumna with a resolve that outshone even the brightest star.   Yet, their heroics did not end there. The Solus were not content with merely reclaiming their lands. With the tide of war turning in their favor, they took a step unheard of - they chased the fleeing Voidborn into the interstellar abyss.   The humble Solus, once tillers of Autumna's soil, pursued the cosmic horrors to the edges of reality. The Voidborn, accustomed to inciting terror, now found themselves the prey, their sanctuary invaded by the determined Solus.   What transpired in the cosmic battlefield remains a mystery. Yet, when the Solus returned, they were not as conquerors but as the humble tribe they once were. The Voidborn had been defeated, their reign of terror replaced by a peace that blanketed not just Autumna, but the cosmos beyond.   So listen, children, to this tale of transformation and valor. It's a testament to the dormant warrior that lies beneath the tranquil surface. In every humble heart, a warrior sleeps, and in every peaceful settlement, a bulwark against the darkness stands. The Solus, our lords, the Hazrad, exemplify this truth, their courage illuminating the cosmos, a reminder of the heroism that prevailed against the cosmic darkness.  

Understanding is a four edged sword.

This is a story told from four perspectives. See the other three below.


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